My attempt to archive a bluray disc:

1. `dd if=/dev/sr0 of=disc.img`
2. Use VLC and libaacs:
- extract video track without conversion to v.raw
- encode audio track to FLAC format -> a.flac

At this point, the whole disc is preserved bit by bit, and also the decrypted data is preserved in a lossless way.

Then I can mux them and transcode to any format with ffmpeg.

@ekangmonyet Does it work with disks which have some kind of copy protection? The last time I've tried it was with Windows, and it was a pain in the ass.

@hejowhat The first step doesn't decrypt it, but at the very least you have an exact copy of your disc.

Then for decryption libaacs worked pretty fine for me. The page ( says it will work on Windows, so if you manage to configure it correctly, VLC will decrypt it on the go.

The info here might be useful even on Windows:

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