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If someone wants to buy me presents, they should buy me rendered animal fats for cooking. My stomach and I will thank you.

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I think we're all learning there are narratives that have been fed to us to keep us apart. There's a reason why places like FB, Twitter, etc have taken a sharp right turn. There is significant interest in keeping reason to hate and dislike front and center.

The fediverse provides a real opportunity for us to circumvent being spoon fed propaganda that does not serve our interests.

Some people will embrace it and some won't, but the possibilities are infinitely compelling.

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Great software documentation has these key things (not necessarily split like this):

User's Manual: How to use the software and all its features in enough detail to stand alone for normal use, including basic troubleshooting.
Service Manual: The broad design of the software and how to install, configure, upgrade, and otherwise maintain it, including advanced troubleshooting.
Programmer's Manual: Design details, APIs, and internals needed to modify the software or write code that works with it.

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We need less black box devices and stuff we can inspect and secure.


After a full day without power, internet...tea.... I am back in the 21st century. Thanks for the welcome Washington. Snow and no way to brew a cuppa.

Is it dead right now or am I blocked by the whole instance?

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It's amazing that all the people that scream about "freedom" and "free speech" want to spend their time telling other people what to do and say. It's almost like they are just bigoted and full of shit.... :thinking_rms:

Where's my SNOW?!?! I was promised snow, dammit!

According to capitalists, demanding a reduction in pollution in order to save the planet is 'extremism' but poisoning water, air and food resulting in the death of all life on earth in a slow and torturous extinction event, all in the pursuit of wealth....isn't..... theguardian.com/environment/20

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Free speech does not mean that other people are required to listen. I love how people think that being blocked is somehow a violation of THEIR right to be a sour, complaining, self-absorbed nussance. And then to top it off, they always have some broadbrush to paint the 'other' with. They just hate me cause they are far left/right, trans-phobic, homophobic, etc. And that goes triple for the gun nuts. If you don't want to hear about the erection they get holding their firearm...? How dare you?!

TLDR; made donut 

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