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My take on the #rexkrueger Three Tool Bench (Three Tool Stool) that I definitely used more then three tools on. Very satisfying project making something attractive/functional from only scrap softwood, and a few tools.

Used a bandsaw for rounding the corners on the seat, and a drill for the holes, otherwise used a handsaw, chisel, handplane, and spokeshave for everything else.

Planning on making a set of 3 of these in different sizes to be used as gardening stools. One for Papa Gremlin, Mama Gremlin, and Baby Gremlin. This is the smallest for Baby Gremlin.

#woodworking #handtoolwoodworking #woodworkforhumans

@sotolf but really, is it possible to NOT piss someone off on Reddit?

@joeligj12 @kev

For some reason this brought an image to my mind of a bunch of people sitting in a room, repeating the mantra in unison:

... think different ...
... think different ...
... think different ...

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No one owes you anything in FOSS, better start thinking what you owe them :ablobwink:

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shade + kiddie pool + sprinkler
Also do a search for `diy evaporative cooling` for some inspiration.
Most solutions coming up for me require some sort of forced air, but if you have a battery powered fan, or maybe you can take advantage of a breeze for some power free AC.

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FWD: Mastodon meta conversation 

@alexbuzzbee I'm not sure if I like this idea, but I'll give it a try. 😜

FWD: Mastodon meta conversation 

@alexbuzzbee I'm not sure if I like this idea, but I'll give it a try. 😜

Kind of a rant, bureaucracy 

@sakkara @piokozi Keep in mind the problem you are facing of how to fill out and return the paperwork is different then the problem the other side is facing, of how to distribute the paperwork in an efficient/flexible way. Having the forms available in different formats for different situations requires more overhead. A pdf might not be ideal in all situations, but it only requires one source document, and has a number of ways it can be filled out and returned.

Kind of a rant, bureaucracy 

@piokozi @sakkara was going to mention I've used xournal in a similar situations in the past. Didn't know about xournalpp, will have to try it out!

@urusan rsync via shell to get your POC/initial version out the door. Then write a binding.
It's your code, so use whatever license you feel appropriate. However a well established FOSS license would be nice.

@cirno when first starting out, I found reading/writing files gratifying.

I would suggest a simple todo app. Don't worry too much about doing things the 'right way', and let your mistakes bite you in the ass.

The next thing you write will be better because you will have learned how to avoid those mistakes.

@pheonix never underestimate how insecure people will be with their data in order to facilitate convenience.

@pheonix I don't know of anyone doing this, but it sounds like something people would do.


You can disable it from automatically classifying new mail as important in the app settings.


@aral idk about you, but I would prefer not to have to hire a lawyer to understand the privacy policy of my audio editing software.

@yarmo @jrballesteros05 looks like the poll is getting a good number of boosts across different instanceses, so that should help.


> On a lighter note - toasted bagles with bacon and avacado is the tastiest thing known to humankind!

Cream cheese or bust!

@jrballesteros05 @yarmo

The wording of the poll would suggest that the blog post might be along those lines. That you can host somewhere else then github and still get contributors

I do see a number of posts on Fosstodon from people that are opposed to github for idalogical reasons, so results could be skewed.

@sfr @yarmo
Also it's not necessary an effort issue. There might be any number of reasons someone doesn't want to create an account for a given platform. (or they can't)

If you have contributing guidelines for your project, consider adding methods for contributing via email.

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