When you think that can't get even worse than it was, you get surprised again and again. Now, when you're searching something in mobile app (ignoring metric tons of unrelated cheap shit) you are getting... video advertising. FFS, Amazon, I have limited paid internet traffic on my cell, why do you do this to me?!

I'm on Amazon only because local government thinks it's good idea to close all stores except groceries, liquor and cannabis. :ac_worry:

I want to update my phone and degoogle of course, so I'll flash lineage is for sure. So far I'm looking at Motorola G series, but maybe I am missing something better in same price range? Any idea?

(I'm toying with pine phone, unfortunately it is not ready as daily driver for me)

I really regret finding this podcast that late. On the bright side, I still can enjoy early episodes.

In this episode you can find intellectually fair (so rare these days) discussion about.. well.. everything. Cancel culture, feminism, race relations, religion, tw*****r mob justice.

📌 The Portal: 41: Douglas Murray - Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization omny.fm/shows/the-portal/41-do

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One really good episode with side questions like why cancel culture and de-platforming are bad, Trump phenomenon and what's wrong with politics and so on.

[The Portal] 42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions #thePortal
podcastaddict.com/episode/1185 via @PodcastAddict

I wonder, if twitter tomorrow will implement Activity Pub api to their site, would it be good or nay?

On one hand this is good - to be able follow and comment to some people w/out T. account, w/out AI feeding you with hateful twits to engage.

On the other hand, sooner people realize what a shithole twitter is and leave, the better.

Can't show anything. Thing is, I am using with hidden bar, so all I see is clean wallpaper in rare moments before I open some program on this workspace and then I see just a program full screen or tiles of several programs. Nothing to write home about.

"Your account will be deleted on March 11, 2021"

Goodbye, and FU! Faceberg for ruining such great idea.

Almost deleted my Amazon account, but then I had to buy some work related stuff and turns out that most stores where I could buy this stuff are on lock down. Not like essential ones: grocery stores, liquor stores, cannabis stores, Walmart.

Where do all good people of fedi are buying ?

Asking for myself, I'm so close to finally delete my Amazon account and even before deletion I won't buy any book [anymore] from their store anyway.

toot. Penn Jillete noticed several times in his Penn's Sunday School podcast that we use to think that Madonna is a bimbo and Jim Morrison is some intellectual, when in real life it is quite the opposite.

Ironically enough my most favorite The Doors album is Full Circle.

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What is good private way to pay in internet? I mean, I'm not hiding from authorities but I don't wanna one of big brothers from FAANG family (which is buying CC records or something like this) to know about my new domain buy.

I'm thinking about Bitcoin, but same time to I don't wanna download gigabytes of transactions just to make one occasional buy. Is there better way? Is PayPal "safe"?

I know about privacy dot com, but it doesn't work in Canadia.

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When a speaker of a particular language is confronted with something they don't understand they will use another language as a stand in for the part they don't understand, such as an English speaker saying "it's all Greek to me". This process creates a directed acyclic graph of unintelligibility.

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"In a recent update, the Raspberry Pi Foundation installed a Microsoft apt repository on all machines running Raspberry Pi OS (previously known as Raspbian) without the administrator’s knowledge."


So many nice reviews and mentions of , so I'm thinking to try it out. Any advice from category "things I wish I knew before installation"?

So tempting! with new campaign on Kick Starter. But as always, can't decide which pledge to pick. 2 keys are understandable, if one is lost you still not locked out of your account. 4? Not sure why do I need so many.


Also I'm so used to have KeePassXC database with attached Yubikey to keep my peace of mind, not sure if it will work with Solo.

> Add an admin API endpoint for shadow-banning users.

I guess, this is a good thing.

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I'm not a fan of Drew DeVault (anymore) but I share his burning hatred towards entitled assholes who like to abuse maintainers and contributors devoting their time to making free software. So there, sharing a sentiment: drewdevault.com/2021/02/02/Ant

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