Oh, I didn't know chamomile is alternative for camomile.

Uh huh. Checking what is in Neverwinter new. So, installed game from Steam. It lunches it's own luncher (at least thank you for not installing this aweful arc suite this time), so I had to login in this launcher just to update the game. Then, after launching game I had to login again. Convinience!

Settings are fun too! Option "Bloom quality" is actually drop down menu with choices "Yes/no". lmao.

Well, to be honest, you can launch game directly w/out updater, if it's up to date.

Now I'm thinking of changing legal name to Dick Scunthorpe and get famous just to mess with many news sites.

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Scunthorpe Problem

From personal expirience. I was trying DDO some time ago and made a tiefling character, then found D&D name generator and made random name according to lore - Erelffyn - yet system didn't let me go with that name. My suspicion is that Ere- part reminds someone about something they lost long time ago.


That's a lot of boobs[1]! And I really like the idea behind it, I MUST to try it asap.

1: weboob.org/

Because , I moved my monthly support to LiberaPay. Well, starting next month, because Patreon charged me anyway for August when I clearly was canceling my pledge for Fosstodon.

I wish much more creators would discover and start using

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Ok, I have found the solution to the Pinephone camera. Yes, I am actually serious about this.

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I finally did it. I am no longer using Patreon. In finding out what BS I had to go through to delete my account these days it only solidified my decision to dump them. Luckily only two of the projects I donate to are Patreon only and I simply chose two different projects to donate to.

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@efftoyz It's like...everything. From how excruciatingly slow it is, to its hobbled "issues" section because they want you to use Jira, do the single hour limit for bitbucket pipelines, to the pipelines just erroring out because well....we don't know. 500 error.

Beside tons of cool FOSS enthusiasts here on I wound another great side. When I see someone interesting, I check their profile, often it has homepage with blog and links to more awesome blogs to fill my RSS feed.

(with kung fu panda panda voice) You guys are awesome!

F--ng scammers are shitheads. Asked them nicely not to call again, because I'm not gonna buy their scam, now they doubled their calls. I guess, now my only option is put phone on DND mode and allow only known contacts in. I wonder if there is an option to forbid international calls from other countries except "allow-listed" ones and totally forbid VoIP incoming calls, because shit heads spoofing call numbers anyway and none of my contacts will call me using internet telephony.

Wow, the tamagochi got 850+k dollars in first day. I guess we getting NFC as well =)

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Just ordered some Fosstodon stickers. I don't think I have enough space left on my :pine64: Pinebook Pro, but I'm sure I'll find a good home for them.

So, I had no problems and decided to create one. I always wanted to learn how to draw, so I bought wacom tablet, simple one. Works like magic, plugged in and just "werks". Except... now, if I boot my linux and plug tablet in, FPS in games drops to 15-20. Unplug doesn't help, only reboot with unplugged tablet. Games back to 80 FPS, no problem. As soon as I plug it back, FPS drops back to 20. Like, what the hell wrong with .. what exactly? :D Trying to google anything and no luck. Sheesh.

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Libro.fm is an amazing alternative to Amazon's Audible: an independent audiobook platform that sells books from every major publisher at the same price as Audible - but without DRM, and with a share of every sale going to an indie bookseller of your choosing.

Virtually every audiobook title is available through Libro.fm - except for those titles that Audible demands be sold as "Audible exclusives."


Damn, I love "cookies" message at deepl.com site. Not like every other place "we are using cookies, now fuck off", but instead they have 3 categories to accept, with explanation which cookies do what.

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Found a hidden feature in - open youtube in full screen by pressing F, then used i3 fullscreen shortcut (mod+f for me). Youtube window returned to previous frame yet player stayed in full screen mode. Now, the question for i3 pro users - how do I do this without these acrobatics? There must be some binding to expand window to full screen mode but leave it in current frame.

that there is great replacement for qutebrowser: Nyxt. Just because I have sweet spot for lisp, that's why.


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