Seriously, though.

First joy and happiness from didn't wear off yet.

Incredible approach. I mean, yeah, deck itself "just" a laptop with somewhat nice graphic card, but the way they preferred to deal with people is mind blowing. Not like any other gaming console with DRM on top of next DRM they just made really nice device with open source OS. You don't have to break it and root to "side load" store as GoG or Epic.

Question. Are there nice sources of tips&tricks you would rec?

Got my hands on my (finally). After couple days I want to say, that I am ready get one for the team and publicly kiss hairy sweaty Gabe's ass, as gesture of appreciation.

(but pls don't screen this, I don't really want to)

You would think that his motives were strictly commercial, yet somehow Valve made so much good for linux gaming.. hell.. gaming in general.

BTW I use Arch!

Also didn't realize but turns out I like platformers. But not with mice and keyboard.

I wrote up a post on how I display a single toot using on my website.

This doesn't cover how I archive all my toots yet, that deserves a separate post :)

Oh wow, I forgot how good ¹ is! I mean, I tried it like almost year ago and now I'm checking it out again and really impressed.

Really glad that people do not forget about cli and keep creating such great programs.

1: TUI masto client


> Event Horizon Telescope collaboration to announce groundbreaking Milky Way results on May 12th, 2022, at 13:00 UT

Oh yeah, all we need in this year is aliens. =)

I have to confess. Since getting a membership¹ at , I am enjoying again shopping for audio-books. You know, that feeling, that you bought something for real - they let you download your book in .zip file, DRM free. You can listen whenever, where ever. It yours forever (until heat death of universe, of course). And when you buy books from them, they share profit with your fav local book store. What not to love?


Recently I'm getting into and wanna reduce amount of IT stuff in my lifr, so now I'm exploring "gaming" laptop. Please, share your experience if you one of gamers on laptop. Any advice? What should I look at extra thoroughly? Pros, cons? Anyone has interesting links at blogs about gaming laptops? Extra points if I could use it totally under Linux (my gaming appetites are really small, also lately really short on time).

Huh. I did something fun yesterday. After liking fish way more than current zsh I decided to uninstall zsh, assuming my on will deal with it and didn't assign new default shell for my user, and now I can't login. 😑

We'll be doing a little giveaway here on Mastodon with 5 pieces of the Aves 65 Hotswap PCB (blocker edition).

Simply PM us here or send us an e-mail to with a good motivation to why you're (or perhaps someone you care about is) in a need of the Aves 65 PCB.

We'll select 5 winners next week. You have until Sunday (3/4) at midnight (UTC+02:00).

(Winners pay for shipping using PayPal. That's all)

If someone writes a programming language to replace and get rid of Rust, they MUST name it WD-40.

M'aiq thinks some books it is okay to judge by their cover. Who has time to read every book? And some it is safer not to.

I wonder, can I get some social assistance with disability like that?

Here's my setup, how I can quickly with a single keybinding get a rofi menu on my screen showing all the live streamers I follow, and pressing enter on any of them starts the stream in mpv.

Twitch without having to use twitch website or app. Good stuff :)

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