"Ajour is a World of Warcraft addon manager written in Rust with a strong focus on performance and simplicity."

What's up with rust devs that they have to mention rust everywhere? I don't care what did you use to write your programm, only how good it works. Unless it's Electron, then I hate it anyway.

Oh, Amazon sold Curse to Overwolf, so soon addon updater for WoW addons gonna be overbloated with ads and malvare.

Just found out that new Original TV show Utopia is a remake of old British show. So much for Original.

I'm quite surprised to see here, on FOSStodon, people who are excited about new iPadOS and other stuff from Apple. I mean, hello? This is the Apple, if not awesome people from EFF and other open source enthusiasts pushing Apple (and other greedy companies alike) as hard as possible you wouldn't have _free_ and open program compilers.

I guess, my bad. This is this particular server settings.

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Ok, discord, how about you go and fork yourself to open source? 😒

It takes a significant amount of effort to un-clutch yourself from the addicting aspect of social media.

Dark patterns and dopamine inducing internet 'points' are validation measures crafted to force your brain into coming back (to that conversation).

The first step is identifying these exist. The next step may be cold-turkey or gradual retreat depending on how you function. It's tough, but doable. Gaining back that control is fun.

A bit of hate speech 

> Colleges Create AI to Identify ‘Hate Speech’ – Turns Out Minorities Are the Worst Offenders

You don't say! 🤔


So if I dine in fine dinery and some shithead decides to make noise with drums and bullhorn, it's ok, but if I punch this shithead in fucking face, this is assault? Why don't we count loud noise as an assault?

Noob's question, can I unpack archives using ranger?

✅ Spend most of the day ricing xmonad & xmobar.
❌ Do something useful.

Main problem was that qutebrowser spawns emacsclient (:open-editor) with same classname, and my "knowledge" of haskell is so non existent, that I can't even compare WM_NAME with text string to make window floating because wm name is compound string. Or for some other reason, gonna read more books.

I have some weird bug on my Manjaro. Xmonad, but same was with i3, qtile. At some point displays just don't wanna go to sleep. I have
xset +dpms dpms 600 900 1200

in my .xprofile. xset dpms force will turn them off, but then they wake up later anyway. Weirdest part is that randomly system decides that ok, that's enough and starts turning displays off again. Watching YouTube prevents displays from turning off, but closing browser doesn't help.
So, how do I catch what exactly bugs me at night?

Finally my slow cooker has arrived. Time to run for groceries and get bags of veggies. If only I knew good recipies of veggie stew.

The world’s most eminent climate scientists and biologists believe we’re headed for the collapse of civilisation, and it may already be too late to change course. voiceofaction.org/collapse-of-

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