Why, oh why, no one told me about "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" add-on before? 😿

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(a persian-jalali-khayyam calendar)
a cli calendar
And my new background picture: tomb of hafez (a Persian poet 1315-1390) photo by myself

So, after looking for Feedly-like alternatives I think I found what I wanted. theoldreader.com - free version gives you the same perks as Feedly, but a bit more. At least unread material kept for 2 months. If you used google reader back then you will find UI and keybindings very familiar. Gonna check tOR for some time and right now I'm considering paying. With payment they keep unread stuff for one year.

Does anyone know better alternative than Feedly? I'm kinda like it, but what pisses me off that they cut off articles older than 30 days and pretty often I ignore some categories of feeds for longer time.

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Honestly pretty proud of the fact that this is the first thing I did today xD.

I haven't made a meme in a long time...

of course I missed words 🤣 Hope you get it anyway.

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Can someone experienced how mastodon works? I mean, I'm kinda bilingual, and sometimes I want to post something in other than English but same time I don't wanna bother people of this server. Can I tag my post so most English speaking people won't see it or better way would be register another account for non-English posts?

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I've replaced some of the app on my devices with to great effect.

Here's some more info on why I've done that and the effect it's had:


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Yay I'm now a patreon of ! :fosstodon:

This community is awesome and it needs our help! Please consider contributing a buck or two per month to support this amazing place!


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A limited run of dev kits is now available in the @thepine64
store. Each kit costs $24.99. Also, look how nice it goes with your ! ;)

OMG. My Punkt 2 phone is just arrived. NOW I can start degooglify myself.

While WoW classic was on maintenance I decided to try EQ1. This is how dwarf female looks like. 🤣

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I wanted to mount a nfs or sshfs on android to use a standalone music app with my cloud music.

But i found better solution.
subsonic.org server and the Ultrasonic app on F-Droid.

This setup works pretty flawlessly and amazingly!

Found absolute gem on F-Droid (with unpronounceable name) Orgzly. Really cool support of , great widget for android (yeah, yeah, Iḿ still using it). Finally I can have my calendar in .org file on laptop and sync it with my mobile.

These are my thoughts I'm thinking at waking up while making morning .

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All your post about pre-ordering waking up my inner geek and now I'm thinking to cut down my pizza budget to get me one too.

I expect many happy stories from you all and make me regret not pre-ordering pine phone.

Almost bought PINE64 as home backup server and self hosted cloud whatever, but then I remembered I have raspberry pi somewhere in my storage.

I think I'll try this first. :thinking:

Ordered my second Yubikey to keep it somewhere safe in case I'll lose my main on key chain.

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