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I found where the memory leak in GnuTLS happened! I traced it for quite long time to trace it down in multithreaded calls of multiple libraries. it took some time and getting into the libraries internals.

so, the leak happens when gnutls_handshake returns an error. then the internal buffers for handshake headers are not freed properly and leak.
the cheap and dirty solution is to call gnutls_deinit and gnutls_init each time when a session failed a handshake (they may be numerous in long sessions).
this happens only when multiple threads call gnutls_handshake. on a single thread I didn't get any leaks. though, maybe there were no errors because I just had not enough traffic on the socket. though, they claim that gnutls is thread safe. so I'm not sure if everything is all right with such a use. I debug it in libmicrohttpd where I discovered the problem.
the internal fix for GnuTLS doesn't seem that easy. but I will to think on it. maybe the reinitialization from the outside is not that bad.
I will try to make a test example for showing the problem and send bug reports and possible patches to upstream.
#programming #gnutls #libmicrohttpd #memory leaks #bugs #hint #bugfix
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after tweaking around I finally able to connect to pods after all. I set

(elpher-gemini-TLS-cert-checks 'nil)

and this kinda helped. before that I was always getting connection time out.

but yay, now I can comfortably explore gemini capsules.

Does anyone listen to bunch of podcasts using desktop and a portable player? Using gpodder atm, but it does one not so good job: when I sync it with a player, it drops each podcast in separated directory and creates separate play list for each podcast, like if someone really wants to listen episodes one after another from same podcast. What I really want - drop all of them in one directory and create just 1 playlist, sorted by created or download time. Any podcatcher can do that?


> This time, with such an impressive collection of private data being sent to central servers, even when you use your own instance, we have to face the facts: Something is seriously wrong.


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Today's the LAST DAY to become a patron & pick up one of these kick-butt, highly-collectible, security-enhancing d20 challenge coins! Not sure when/how I'll give the rest of these coins away, so if you want to lock one in, today is the day! 🪙 🔐🐉🔥🏰


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"I was recently attacked by a gang of mimes. Yes, mimes. They did unspeakable things to me..."

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I just couldn't not to spill coffee on my T-shirt. You would think that a man well over his prime should learn how to drink coffee (or better not to drink it at all), but no...

I love @klaatu 's podcast "Gnu World Order". Such soothing relaxing voice and I learn a lot of new stuff!

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Is there android mastodon client where I can set custom toot length for specific servers?

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Implementing voice calls is easy.

Creating the worlds first onion-routed voice call implementation? Less easy.

Voice calls are coming. And when they get here, Session will be the only messaging app that can onion-route your calls. 🔒



I admit, I was wrong. I thought provider is blocking traffic, because it was working with VPN but not on open mobile internet.

I installed AdAway as VPN and guess what? Session keep working.

So it's either session itself or LineageOS. @session is it known issue? Should I report it?

Now the only bone to pick with session is that sometimes messages getting marinated somewhere for hours. Not so instant messaging!

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packaging is funny matryoshka doll. Plastic bag from DHL, inside yellow bubble wrap envelop, inside power supply with NA and EU replaceable plugs and brown carton box, inside absolutely the same carton box but a bit smaller to fit, inside.. no, not the another box but carton tray and finally in a plastic bag laptop itself. I, honestly, expected that when I'll open laptop I'll find smaller laptop inside. :blobcathearteyes:

Good job @PINE64 !

And here we go, my is here!

A bit ahead of schedule, but no complains on this part. What I didn't like is DHL. First they sent me text with link so I could adjust delivery date. I picked Friday. Monday I got new text, delivery TODAY! So I took day off and guess what? No delivery. Tuesday I got same text, and they got to my place but due to covid they don't enter buildings and can't leave it outside my door.

So finally I got it today.

Setting the thing up, it ships with !

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