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After years, I can finally play Battlefield 2 via Steam!

I have almost decided to remove the English version of my blog. I rarely use it and I write more here than there. So πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Yeah.

We'll see what I decide to do before release.

I found season 5 of Rick & Morty to be boring. That they have lost their touch.

But oh boy how wrong I was. The 2 latest episode of Rick & Morty is [beep] epic!!

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Hm. I am thinking about how I should build the admin section of my blog πŸ€”

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Correction: So far, all features that have today, have been successfully recreated with CSS3 and PHP.

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I have been working on a new update for my blog.

I start over from skretch with this update and have tried to not use JavaScript at all. Only focused on HTML5 and CSS3 functionality.

So far, all features that have today, have been successfully recreated with CSS3.

Just got the mobile version to work properly and I didn't need to change many things. portable.css are currently on 51 lines while desktop.css have 1837 lines.

Oh boy how I enjoy this 😌

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Matrix/XMPP/<insert your niche or not chat app> is all cool, but they're not ready for my friends. :)

Trust me, when something is, I'll make a sell.

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Regarding privacy, can I log the IP address of an visitor without their consent? An IP address is considered as personal data according to GDPR.

Senario: a visitor visits my blog and exploring the front page and other pages, but does not click on any post. No data has been logged at this stage. But when the visitor clicks on a post to read the comments, the IP address, useragent, the subject of the post he/she visited, and when the post was read, has now been logged.

Gnocchi pasta, vegan soy mince, Heinz ketchup, and kebab sauce (mild) was surpricingly super tasty 🀀 And cheap too 😊 Around 8.74 EUR for everything and it will hold for maybe 3 people.

I took a photo within Telegram before I mixed everything, but I closed the app and mixed the food. Typical πŸ˜•

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Good god I have so much stuff to sell. Anyone interested in a Nintendo64 with 4 controllers and like 25 games?

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I bought a new mouse pad and a new webcam earlier this week. I tried out the webcam right away (awesome full HD quality for only 20 EUR (around that price)), but I had to clean my desk so I can put the mouse pad.

All in all, both products costed me nearly 30 EUR. I am happy 😌

I am thinking of installling Mumble on my RPi 4.

I'm trying to understand how to use BlurHash[1] to load the final image. Am I forced to use JavaScript for it?

I've read something about a placeholder. Can I use <img src="image.jpg" placeholder="image-blurhashed.jpg">? Can't try it out locally since the image is loading super fast!


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I can recommend to take photos of objects and add an link to the image in OpenStreetMap. It will help other people to get guidens of what the exact type of object it is.


I took that photo with Open Camera[1] so the coordinates, altitude, direction, and the date is visible.


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Now writing from elementary OS 6 Odin on my MacBook Pro 15" late 2013 with WiFi 😎 Feels so good!

However, the trackpad are quite buggy (for an example, tabbing the trackpad to simulate left click doesn't work sometimes + the trackpad stops responding if I pause the movement), but I think a fix for this are out there 😊

I just discovered this neat feature in OpenStreetMap.

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