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Show this to that one friend who still 👏 doesn't 👏 understand 👏 privacy.


Why can't I just boot Windows 10 via a VM and just play whatever I want while in Linux?! 😭 Stupid 2 graphic cards' requirement!

Can't wait until I can buy my new gaming computer within a few years from now!

I really love the music payer in Telegram! But the same feature in their app have more features than in Telegram Desktop.

This candy are too dangerous to me! So addictive taste! Gräddkola = caramel

I need your opinion. Currently, I encrypt the email address in comments on my blog. But as I'm working on a new feature, I found out that the encryption made it harder to create this new feature (the ability to claim ownership of your comment).

So my question is, out of a privacy standpoint, is encrypted even necessary when it comes to your email address? Wouldn't MD5 be enough?

A remake of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in Unreal Engine that might be open sourced once it's done. That hype!

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I were on my bicycle on my way home from the store when all of the sudden, I got notifications. I only had WiFi activated and it wasn't connected to any network.

The notifications I got was from Kivra, Telegram, and Tusky. Was it because I were close to any open networks? I myself rule that out because I need to confirm the open network suggestion in order to connect to it.

Just a sneak peak of few of the changes I've made to my blog so far (nothing has been released yet).

Got the inspiration from Nouw's feature when you're about to send a comment on a blog post. Nouw is Sweden's biggest blogging platform.

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I need some advice. If you go to the statistics page[1] on my blog, what type of statistics have I missed and what can I use charts for?


6 people in my county only has been fined the first week! It feels so wonderful 😍 I love it!

Source (only in Swedish, though, but with a video (also in Swedish)):

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Spending time with my niece is so nice 😍

Visiting Fosstodon in Privacy Browser after using Tusky for a while are quite refreshing.

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Since it's my birthday today, I wanted to decorate my website which such things 🙂

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