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Raining day with Dreamy + programming are the perfect combination when you have been awake for a few hours and are still tired 😪


I finally got access to my super old email address and holy smokes how many people who have tried to login to my account 😱 😂 Luckily, zero successful logins besides of my own.

I changed the password right away after I got access to the security features again. After that, I saw these activities.

Windows, privacy, swearing 

Hey. . I just want to play games on your stupid operating system and I want Vivaldi to be my default browser. You have already asked me to change to Microsoft Edge after my switch. You don't need to interrupt the whole login process and ask me again 😒🖕

Stupid greedy fuckers 😤🤮

Does delete deleted toots? My deleted toot from yesterday are still in their system.

I can't understand how my cat, Maja, thinks sometimes. When she's craving for wet food and begging me for it and I give it to her, she doesn't wants it anymore. Instead, she goes to the dry food. But when I give her candy, oh, yes, num, num!!


Tomorrow, I will introduce Linux to a 50+ friend 🙂 Both her desktop and laptop are 10+ years old and last time I helped her with her desktop, she had Windows XP installed.

Will be exciting.

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When I want to try the Web App version of Mastodon with Bromite, I only see a blank page. How typical, huh?

New update has been released to my blog and this time I have added webmention and enhanced the dark theme for a more comfortable reading experience.


I have used LinkAce for a while now and now I installed linkding through Docker on my desktop. I must say, I like it. It's faster. Might change LinkAce to linkding.

Alright. I have now added webmention to my blog, but not added it to my blog yet. I want to gather some data before I add it to my website so I have something to go on 🙂

So, how does this work more exactly? Do I (and others) only have to send a link to a blog post and it will show up on my webmention?

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Try out a new podcast. You can learn something new or just enjoy having someone tell you a story.

I am a little curious about the protocol. How does it work? Do I have to connect to a proxy server or something? I tried to read on the website, but I didn't get any smarter.

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"Telegram vs. Signal"

Phew. It took hours for me to finally see the blog post as "finished". Please notice the " around the word because I may have missed some information, hence the warning label when you're reading the blog post.

I originally wrote the blog post last night, but changed the publish date to now.

That moment when you want to add more to your CV, but you can't find anything else you can add 🙄

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