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Serenum just went live, but in beta only. Visit the page on your own risk! The source code and installation instructions will be released later today.

JavaScript are a must and the JavaScript free version are not finished. It will be added sometimes in the future.

Just deleted my Duolingo account after it got public that they gather personal data about you and sell it to theird party companies. Something I really hate.

Now to try to find a similar service that can teach me Japanese. Any suggestions?

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Before you start your day, take a few moments to outline the 3 most important things you need to do.

That will do for now. Must sleep now. More work with the dark theme tomorrow.

Does anyone have any good guide with color schemes/palettes on how to make a good dark theme?

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Working on the dark theme to Serenum and man, it's really hard! I've postpone the no JavaScript part since that was even harder to accomplish (or it's just me being lazy).

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Just released a major update for my Swedish blog. The blog does not use JSON files anymore. Instead, it uses SQL. Since I am more familiar to SQL, I can now do more so I've added a search engine and a paging system. And more to come (eventually).

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Now when Telegram have a broadcasting feature just like Clubhouse (and with recording‼️), I truly hope that Telegram will lift the mandantory phone number registration and allow people to invite others outside Telegram to voice calls only.

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Sensitive word for most people

Now I love Telegram even more! Fuck Clubhouse 😂

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I have mixed feelings regarding havong a database free blog. Currently, my blog depends on zero JavaScript and the blog posts as JSON files. But I want to add paging, search, comments, and nerdy statistics. To add these the easy way, is by using a database.

Somewhat hard decision...

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Not to brag, but we definitely have the coolest voting locations. 🎉🇳🇱

Building a weather website that supports both JavaScript enabled and disable was harder than I thought 😳

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