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Am self-hosting Invidious now. Finally! 🤩 Runs so good!

I've got this sorted out now. Currently self-hosting Gitea on my server now again.

I was just too unpatience for the DNS to change everywhere. That was the real issue.

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Codeberg are an alternative too, but I feel that they have worst terms of use than what GitHub have. GitHub's terms of use page are miles long, so even if I have read some of it, I can have missed some important keynotes.

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I have issues with installing and configurating Gitea on my new server. Feeling that I don't have the strengh or the patience to try fix the issues. Thinking about using GitHub again. Should I do it despite they checks your codes for errors and such things?

Just made an update for my blog. 2 of them was better choice of font and info regarding commenting.

The blog are of course entirely in Swedish as of now. Planning on adding support for blog posts that are in English.

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I love how honest Google are compared to other big tech companies, like Microsoft and Apple. Facebook are the worst, of course.

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I got reminded that I had Web & App Activity enabled for my Google account. I also got reminded how much Google logs about you 😳 Luckily, I can remove this and also disable Web & App Activity so this will not happen again (hopefully).

Nice with history, though, but from wrong company.

Full rant with a sensitive word 

I was installing a game on Steam in Windows 10 when I ate breakfast maybe 15 minutes ago. I was literally forced to pause the installation to get full HD and zero buffering for my casting to Chromecast! That has never happened in Linux when I've installed games through Steam!

To put it lightly, fuck Windows! 🖕

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Currently installing Debian 10 on my server that I have in my apartment. Will configure that server so I can use it instead of the one at Scaleway. The last bill from them was even higher than the second last bill! It is enough now!

It seems like the Telegram app for macOS from AppStore are actually the iOS app. Current version: 7.4. On desktop the version begins with 2, not 7. Telegram FOSS in my Android phone are version 7.3.1.

Well, this is sweet! 😃 Be able to finally use secret chat on my laptop ❤️

Corona self test has been ordered to me. I hope the virus I have in my body right now are not Corona.

I think I will make the design of my blog a bit more... stylish. But then with third party font(s) + maybe something more. But the blog will always remain 100% JavaScript free and 100% database free!

I also thinking of making my economy and weather websites to not use JavaScript nor a database either. But! To not use JavaScript on a weather website would maybe be more challenging than a blog. I mean, how to choose a location on a map without JS + fetching GPS position without JS? 😅 Any ideas?

A laptop must always have stickers like these awesome ones, even if the laptop are from Apple.

However, it is hard to find a good light source when I have a messy home.

I started to get issues with the open source NVIDIA graphic drivers so I installed the recommended graphic drivers instead. After that, I wasn't able to change the brightness on the screen.

I installed the open sourced graphic drivers again (where the brightness worked, but the screen lagged a tiny, tiny bit). Now the screen resolution was fixed to 960x[something] and I couldn't change it to any other resolution!

So now I am installing macOS Big Sur until elementary OS 6 will be released.

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Now when I have a MacBook Pro, I just want to say something.

Give. Me. elementary OS 6. Now!

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