@The_Quantum_Alpha Please do a wallpaper like this, but with the Linux Mint logo 🀩

I am having troubles thinking out a good solution for displaying the weather report and forecast in a simple, yet detailed and informative way on my weather service, Serenum. Any ideas? Think simplicity (example: gpodder.net).

@dsv @fredl99 I understand you. But I do trust Pavel Durov more than I trust Mark Zuckerberg πŸ™‚ The source code of MTProto will be open source soon as well.

@fredl99 @dsv Yeah, if your contacts already have your phone number, then no problems πŸ˜…

@edel Do it πŸ™‚ But I have to warn you, you must use Firebase (and apparently also something from Apple, don't know what and why (I just read the documentation quickly)) in order to activate push notifications.


@edel Well, there's basically only Matrix/Riot/Element and Mumble out there. Rocket.Chat does a good job too and they do use Jitsi Meet for voice/video calls (just like Matrix/Riot/Element).

@dsv @fredl99 Signal: your phone number are visible by anyone and you add people by their phone number.

Telegram: I'll let the screenshot do the talking. Plus, you are in control over everything that is about you. You are in control over who will keep the history of an conversation, media, or messages. Their latest auto-delete update are quite awesome, too.


@edel I store them in the cloud for memory. It can also happens that I buy a product in a store and need to show it if I return the product. If that happens, having the receipt organized in the cloud are golden!

Just finished scanned all of these receipts. It took a while πŸ˜… I am far from finished, though. I have 2 more pile of receipts that contains even more receipts 😬

@fredl99 Well, since Signal only supports E2EE, it is safe in that term, but otherwise, nope! πŸ˜‚ Telegram (as of one example) are much safer than Signal in terms of privacy.

"Signal Server is effectively closed source software right now"


@arran Haven't heard about it until now. I checked it out and it do looks promising, but I can't find it in any Swedish online stores. I want to have that Swedish support if something happens that forces me to send it back or something like that. But it was a neat little thing, no doubt about it πŸ™‚

@rcode3 @ed1727 Oh. Thank you for telling me this. But I've read that Argon ONE M2 requires a M.2 SSD drive with key B and key B&M. I can only find M.2 SSD drives (SATA or M.2) that has key M?

@ed1727 Alright 😊 Yeah, I will have everything on the M.2 SSD (also called NVMe?).

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