And Telegram just got even better! 😍 ❤️

I totally love the improved video player, the new pinch to zoom feature, and the mini profiles for group voice calls. You can read about them (and also see a demo GIF/video) in the blog post I linked to.

I also really love the new Telegram Web; Web K and Web Z. The only difference that I've noticed on desktop, are the graphical aspects. Web K are more compact than Web Z. Again, what I have seen so far.

Now when Telegram have a broadcasting feature just like Clubhouse (and with recording‼️), I truly hope that Telegram will lift the mandantory phone number registration and allow people to invite others outside Telegram to voice calls only.

It seems like the Telegram app for macOS from AppStore are actually the iOS app. Current version: 7.4. On desktop the version begins with 2, not 7. Telegram FOSS in my Android phone are version 7.3.1.

Well, this is sweet! 😃 Be able to finally use secret chat on my laptop ❤️

Pavel's own words on the 3 most common myths about Telegram.

As for encryption, I have encounted people on mainly reddit that states that Telegram stores everything in plaintext. This is false! Cloud chats do use MTProto 2.0 which is the exactly the same encryption method as for secret chats! The only difference between them is that cloud chats are stored on their servers.

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