Upcoming feature: detailed overview for the daily forecast with blurry background (Firefox not supported[1] without changing the values in about:config first[2]).

More data will of course be added before release.

[1]: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do
[2]: dev.to/rethinkprogramming/how-

Thank you all for voting! The source code for Serenum are now on Codeberg.


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Because of the 2 reasons[1], where do you think the source code for Serenum should be at?

[1]: fosstodon.org/@edgren/10598469

Just released a major update to Serenum. I also have had issues with a falsely created branch some days ago (unknown reason of why it got created). This branch is now the default one and the branch master has been deleted.


Changelog: git.airikr.me/serenum/website/


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