I have an idea on an alternative design for Serenum.

As of now, the options are hidden with the details element. What if having the options visible all the time and with `position: sticky;`?

So when you're looking at the weather, the options will always be easily available for you, no matter how far down you are on the page.

If you can, picture this idea in your head while you're watching the current design at serenum.org/weather

So, what do you think?

Current home screen on my new Nokia XR20.

The sensors are of course disabled via developer options.

serenum.org are temporarly down due to switching domain hosting. Should be up again within 43 hours, hopefully sooner.

New icons, favicon, and logo to Serenum are now live! What do you think about them?

And thank you for helping me with this, @joel 🙂


Since OpenWeatherMap logs a lot about those who calls data from their API, I will make a switch to met.no instead. met.no are also FOSS, just like what Serenum API are.

I am awaiting met.no to reply to my email about if they log anything about those who calls data from their API.

It is quite hard to create a light theme after getting use to the dark theme.

A friend found a very old screenshot of when Serenum was called Vädret just nu (Weather right now) and was Swedish-only 🤩 I think the screenshot is from between 2015 and 2017.

The current design and name are so much better! ❤️

The beta version of Serenum are now one with the past. Stable version has now been released!

I am tired now, though, so bugs and issues may be present. Let me know if you find any.

I will also tune the performance of the website more when I have more time.



Serenum and Serenum API are complete. Serenum needs some bug fixes, but I don't have the mentally strength to do it now.

Besides of the bugs, the only thing left is the documentation for both projects.

Serenum API do have a wiki right now[1].

The self-hosted part of Serenum might not be ready yet.

Should I finish writing the documentation or should I release Serenum and work on the bugs + documentation whenever I can?

[1]: api.serenum.org/wiki

When you have "too much" data to an API so Firefox have collapsed everything 🤷‍♂️

Since it has been a increase of users lately, I'll follow the stream and myself 🙂 Better late than never.

My real name is Erik and I live in Sweden. Airikr is the old name of Erik from medieval Sweden.

My main interests are , , , , , and .

I am a big fan of and and are working on open sourced projects like .

The development for serenum.org are slow, but at least it's under development, right?

So far, no JavaScript have been used.

The picture do not represent the final product.

How can validating geographical coordinates be so problematic? 😫

Creating a bar chart by hand with CSS where the vertical text are aligned and stationary to the top of the DIV were way harder than I imagined! 😳 😫

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