Just finished scanned all of these receipts. It took a while πŸ˜… I am far from finished, though. I have 2 more pile of receipts that contains even more receipts 😬

Strong language 

I just installed a new update (v11.2.2 of macOS) and apparently, my customized files are in a folder on the desktop. And there it was, my httpd.conf file. I just deleted that folder without looking at it last time πŸ™ˆ

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From 100/10 to 250/100. A clear difference 😊 Not good ping, though.

Finally the development of Serenum has started. I plan to make it self-hosted (no Docker, though).

And for the screenshot, changes can occur. The screenshot is showing the config file from which Serenum will go after.

2 restarts and maybe 10 minutes later... 9 minutes remaining πŸ™„ Why do I have that feeling that macOS are worst than Windows in terms of updates?

Linux for the win! Install the new kernel, do a normal restart, done.

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2 of my photos now hangs in a popular supermarket near me 😊 Easily over 200 people visits that store each day.

The photo to the left: g.airikr.me/photo:5fdf3fd056b8

The photo to the right: g.airikr.me/photo:5febc49ecef3

I love how honest Google are compared to other big tech companies, like Microsoft and Apple. Facebook are the worst, of course.

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I got reminded that I had Web & App Activity enabled for my Google account. I also got reminded how much Google logs about you 😳 Luckily, I can remove this and also disable Web & App Activity so this will not happen again (hopefully).

Nice with history, though, but from wrong company.

It seems like the Telegram app for macOS from AppStore are actually the iOS app. Current version: 7.4. On desktop the version begins with 2, not 7. Telegram FOSS in my Android phone are version 7.3.1.

Well, this is sweet! πŸ˜ƒ Be able to finally use secret chat on my laptop ❀️

A laptop must always have stickers like these awesome ones, even if the laptop are from Apple.

However, it is hard to find a good light source when I have a messy home.

Ah, finally I have short hair again 😊 Long hair is nice to have, but short hair are not in the way or anything like that. Plus, it doesn't causes eczema around my eyes due to dandruff.

I am not trying to fool people that I actually use WhatsApp. I promise...

But honestly, WhatsApp's theme are nostalgic to me. Had a lot of good times in WhatsApp before Facebook bought it.

Pavel's own words on the 3 most common myths about Telegram.

As for encryption, I have encounted people on mainly reddit that states that Telegram stores everything in plaintext. This is false! Cloud chats do use MTProto 2.0 which is the exactly the same encryption method as for secret chats! The only difference between them is that cloud chats are stored on their servers.

More info: telegram.org/faq#q-do-you-proc



Woop, woop!!! ❀️ ❀️ Telegram announced this today!

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