I find this funny.

JavaScript are not executed nor used until the visitor goes to the admin login page and uses the form. JavaScript are **only** used for the forms!

With that being said, how can GTmetrix say that airikr.me uses JavaScript?

Nostalgia! My old blog between maybe 2009 and 2012. I still really like the design.

If I had been bicycling up north in Sweden, I would soon be in Kiruna 😂 92 hours is almost 4 days. I started logging my bicycle rides on February 7th this year and have only bicycled on Hammarö and in Karlstad.


Telegram have finally added statuses! Unfortunately only as emojis but hopefully soon in a form of text too.

And you can now add multiple reactions to messages! 😍😍 Only up to 3 reactions, though, but I don't mind 😊

Quite nice iOS look-a-like animations when scrolling through the reactions, too!

Both videos were edited in Telegram.

Wallpaper is from a cover for one of BLUME's music mixes[1]. Direct link to the picture: artstation.com/artwork/LeWwYr (watch out for Facebook trackers (see second screenshot)).

[1]: youtu.be/IGFWF1zuXFA?listen=1

Last day on the island at the west coast of Sweden. It was cloudy during the day, but got clear sky in late evening.

Currently "chasing" stars and planets with the system camera. Got good photos of a beautiful northern lights last night and now got good photos of the Milky Way.

Can't wait to edit these tomorrow 😍

Attached photo is taken with my Nokia 7.2 with no tripod. It's kinda freezing. Serenum says only +12.8 C, feels like +10.4 C.

World hardest 2FA code!! Nobody will crack that one!

This happens very now and then. Does anyone here have any clue of why? If I restart the desktop, I can mount it. Is it because of updated kernel?

Hm. It seems that the picture is not inside the RSS feed. Anyone here who knows why?

I am using JSON Feed[1] and you can reach the feed for my gallery here: airikr.me/en/feed/gallery

[1]: jsonfeed.org/version/1/

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Much better with more details, don't you think? I have mapped out addresses, parking spots, and aligned buildings and paths for a specific area these past days. All to make OpenStreetMap better and stronger!

Look at the attached pictures. The first one is not tempered with while the second one have blur(1) and pixelate(2) added.

Which one of these pictures would you prefer to when clicked to see it on a bigger scale from a gallery page: tempered or not tempered?

I am trying to figure out how to eliminate unwanted share of my pictures where the copyright text have been removed.

Adding blur and pixelate the picture would not stop it, but I am playing around as always 🙂

I must say, it is quite inspiring to go through the ricings the Arch Linux server[1] on Revolt[2].

[1]: Server ID: 01FH64M7AWYA3D939JBHTAS6BP
[2]: revolt.chat

I've been asked for the second time today! I know they are curious, but Nokia need to chill down!

Current home screen on my new Nokia XR20.

The sensors are of course disabled via developer options.

New phone, a Nokia XR20. I am happy with it so far, except for Google forcing me to login to use the phone without any notifications about it 😒

My copyright stamps for the photos on my upcoming gallery are a little sneaky. I like it! But I will see if I can tune it a little bit more.

Perks of having Faceebook blocked via the hosts file 😈 😌

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