"pieces". That feels so wrong. Why does it feel wrong? In Swedish, we say "13 stycken" and "stycken" is "pieces" in English.

But what is the correct English word for this? It's the sum of all my interests.

@edgren @rudolf I'd just say "13 interests" or "interests: 13", with a colon and without any following noun. I might even leave off the number and just say "Interests:", unless the number was significant or there was a chance that the read might miss some of them

@markusl @edgren @rudolf also an option: topics (assuming you're only listing interests on this screen)

@splatt9990 @markusl @rudolf 13 topics 🤔 Hm. Sounds wrong in my ears, but maybe it's not wrong?

Yes, they are listed on the screen 🙂 I am working on a new version of, but the layout for my interests remains the same, so you can go to and see how it looks like.

@edgren topic :: A subject of discussion or conversation

seems appropriate. You could also use "13 subjects"
@markusl @rudolf

@markusl @rudolf That can work too 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion.

@edgren why the number of interests is useful to user? Maybe you don't need to show this number at all? Maybe interests is the information you really want to present to user? Maybe it's better to call this section "I like" rather than "interests" to make it look like a conversation?
Why sort alphabetically? Maybe it's better to use an arbitrary order, an order you would tell about your interests to a friend?

@lig Well. Good question 😅 I will think about it further. Thanks!

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