I am thinking about adding my own bbCode system to my blog and remove Markdown. There's nothing wrong with Markdown (to be fair, I love it), but I feel it limits me to edit it after my own needs.

So a simple str_replace/preg_replace in a function would make it easier for me to maintain the bbCode.

Just discovered that preg_replace allows me to create my own Markdown system. Yay! 😃

@edgren embrace org mode.
However, limits are good. You might end up creating your own Office suite if u go to deep down this path

@joeligj12 Yeah. Limits are good. Therefore, I will only create limited Markdown tags as a start ([text](url), **bold**, `code`, etc.).

However, while creating the tags, I reached a dead end when I was ready to create the list tags (both bullet list and number list). Maybe easier to just modify the Markdown system I already use[1]? 🤔

We'll see what I'll do.


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