@edgren do you edit it right on the web site or is there a specific app one can/has to use?

@fedops I edit roads, paths, buildings, and other objects from openstreetmap.org/edit, while I use StreetComplete to give the objects addresses, type of roads, and so worth 🙂

@edgren thank you! I've been using Street Complete also and was wondering if I missed the editing feature. 😄

@Strubbl Thanks 🙂 I am trying to make the whole island I live on as detailed as I can get it to be.

@edgren You do great, thank you for your work. And don't listen to naysayers. They complained I edited to much (to much notes). I told them that I collected only the data over a long day being outside and walking my feet flat. And instead of complaining they should working on the notes, one by one.

@roland Thanks 🙂 So far, I haven't got any negative response to my edits, at least not visually.

I describe every edit quite detailed about what the edit contains and what offset I used. I agree with you that thry should read the notes on every edit. The notes will tell them useful information.

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