Just added some nerdy statistics about my RPi 4 server.

@edgren Nice! What about using Websockets instead of continuous GET requests? 🤔

@jle I don't understand Websockets 😅 🙈 Websockets requires Node.JS, right?


Websockets work with PHP as well.

Here is a nice article giving an overview about Websockets:

@jle Alright. Will take a look at it. Thanks 🙂

@edgren how did you add those cool graphics and icons? looks quite epic

@edgren may I also ask, do you think the 8gb model is worth it? I heard it was limited when it comes to actually usable ram by a program.
But I see yours is at 80% or so. How many programs are u running on the background? I wanna get one but I might buy the 4 GB model

@joeligj12 I think it's worth it, but I don't know if I can trust the stats on my website after seeing it in glances 🤔

I use `$fh = fopen('/proc/meminfo', 'r');` to get memory statistics via PHP.

@joeligj12 Sorry for my half answer again 🙈

I have 1 or 2 Docker containers and a web server that handles my websites + Nextcloud.

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