I must say, I start to love Quire[1] more for each day that goes by.


@edgren, their homepage is a blank page when I open it via Firefox Focus with all tracker blockers enabled. Because of the blocked trackers (27-30).

@can Yeah, they are not perfect, but their privacy policy are much better than for an example Todoist.

@can Yepp. Their privacy policy is worse than Quire's. Example: "We may contact you to participate in surveys".

Notion also uses pixel tags along with web beacons and cookies; "These third-party service providers may use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or other storage technology to collect and store analytics and other information." Quire only uses Google Analytics.

Notion also uses marketing and ads. Quire doesn't.

Plus, Notion are based in the USA. Quire are based in Taiwan.

@edgren I see. Then it's worse. I use Markor (an android app that supports Todo.txt, Markdown and Zim Wiki formats) and Notion nowadays. Noteshelf on iPad is also good for handwritten notes. What's important to me is on my paper notebook though but you know sometimes it's hard to confine yourself to paper&pen.

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