Anyone here using an Android emulator in Linux? I am searching for one. Any recommendations besides Anbox (have tried it and it was too advanced for me).

@edgren It's been a while but I have had some success installing this:
into a vmware instance

@oilyfish Thanks! 🙂 Installing it now via VirtualBox.

@edgren Yeah virtuabox is what I used - don't know where the vmware came from - haven't used that in more than a decade🧓

@oilyfish Hehe. I have some difficulty to boot Android, though, using CM 14.1 r5-k419.

I don't get into the GUI interface.

@edgren You could try Google's official Android SDK / Android Studio, it includes an emulator.

@jle Yeah, but I want to try switching from a smartphone to an emulator and get an old fashion phone instead 🙂 What I can remember, if you install an app in Android SDK/Android Studio, that app will not still be installed after a reboot. Or do I have it all wrong?

@edgren I don't think that's the case. It's a persistent virtual machine.

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