Finally, a good Mastodon client for iOS! But it seems to not have a "delete and repost” feature 😒

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@edgren tootle is great, esspecially because it allows interacting with other local timelines (please someone give me this on android). You might also want to try metatext

@edgren @ConnyDuck I guess you are getting a thousand feature requests so consider this a cry for help 😂.

@AaronTheIssueGuy Tusky to Android allow you to see both the local timeline and the federated timeline 🙂

@edgren I know.. I know.. tootle even allows you to easily view the Local timelines of other instances

@edgren It does let you copy the text of a post though, so you can sort of use that to manually redraft. Not as good though.

@alexbuzzbee Yeah. I did thst with the main toot for this timeline or what it is now called 😄

@edgren Putting replies above the posts they're replies to, thus depriving them of context unless you read backwards. It also scrolls to the top (most-recent end) of a thread instead of the post you tapped on when you show a full thread, which makes it harder to navigate.

And it has some general navigational issues like how you can't tap a post in search results, or with a thread already open, to show the thread around that post. You can only do that from a timeline.

@alexbuzzbee Ah! Now I understand what you mean 😊 Thank you for explaining.

@edgren Despite these problems, Tootle is still the best Mastodon client I've found for iOS.

@riddian Nope. Looks promising, though. Will give it a try, but as of now, I like Tootle 😊

@edgren okay, well it has the delete and repost feature you wanted 🙂

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