When you visit a blog, any blog, what default theme do you love it to have?

@can @thumb @nacioss I have now added support for this through JavaScript and will be one of the new features to my blog. If I only choose CSS for this, my theme switcher wouldn't work at all.

@edgren I usually don't mind either way as long as the theme is readable. Although a site is more memorable to me if it's dark

@edel Alrighty 🙂 I should have added a third option, haha!

@edgren I don't mind dark, as long as its not on #000000, that's too harsh for me.

@edgren I use prefers-color-scheme in CSS to let the user decide the theme system wide and make the website's theme adaptable

@nacioss Yeah, I might add that feature 🙂 It's extra work, though, because of how I have built my blog.

@edgren if it doesn't match with my system preference, then it's bad to me.

@edgren I prefer changing it automatically with css media based on their system preference.


Yep, mixing CSS and JavaScript (+ localstorage) is required for the best result if no defaults. There should be a blog post about that on the CSS-tricks website.

@thumb @nacioss

@can @thumb @nacioss Yeah. My solution was to remove it from CSS and only use JavaScript.

I am just searching for a solution to add a fade effect when switching theme (when switching theme from a link). Do you have a solution?

I think it's as easy as to add transition effect to the body.
For instance:

body {
transition: background 3s;

body.dark {
background: black;

@thumb @nacioss

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