I want to do a clean re-install of Linux so I am trying out different systems through VirtualBox. Got recommended EndeavourOS by a friend. So far so good, but oh my... I am not used to Arch 😂

@edgren Come on Airik…Where’s your sense of adventure? Calamares installer and fancy Arch flavors are for kids. Real linux lovers install it by writing bits on the SSD by hand… BY HAND!

@thumb Haha, na. I am way too big of an amatuer to build the OS by hand 😂

@edgren Haha. For stepping into arch, Endeavor is really nice.

@thumb Indeed 😊 Not sure if I will use the Xfce environment, though.

@edgren You have plenty of choices there. You might also wanna check out Manjaro.

@thumb Yeah. I've already checked out Manjaro before, but might do it again 🙂 We'll see.

@thumb I just remembered that I installed Manjaro on my MacBook Pro earlier this year. Writing from it right now 🙂

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