Yay! Now my whole family has joined Telegram 😍

My dad was the last one to ask and I didn't even had to ask. He sent me a picture through MMS and I can't receive MMS which I told him. He asked me what chat service I use these days and I answered Telegram. The next thing he joined Telegram - no question asked 😍

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@edgren don't want to be that person, but why not signal?

@edgren Hmm those are strong arguments. I don't know. How essential is the security to the overall effect on the network of people who use it? Maybe they're both ok. (This is confusing)

@ezrayun Yeah. I haven't digged as deep as when the encryption takes affect on Telegram and Signal, but I do know that they both encrypts in-transit. Signal are E2EE only while Telegram are server-client by default which I find very good (after all, all your data are stored heavily encrypted).

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