Hm. I think that Tusky are drunk 🥴 Look at the timestamps and then look at the system clock.


Oh my! It's not just Tusky. It's Mastodon! 😱

@rudolf Hahaha, I don't think time zones would be the issue here 😅 This is the first time it happens and I have talked to people from different parts of the world here 🙂

@edgren in regards to the likes, it’s posting the time that you’d posted the toots rather than the time that the user liked the toots.

@scylla Hm, ok. But shouldn't it show when the like occured?

@edgren it depends on what you’re using. As far as I’m aware, most options show the time you posted the toot liked, but there are some, like Toot! that show when the user liked the toot.

@scylla Alright. I have always thought it shows when the event occured 😅

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