Have started to exercise and 2 days ago, I went for a bicycle ride to Karlstad 8 km from here. After a good night sleep, I woke up with stiff neck muscles and dizzy. The more I moved my shoulders, the more dizzy I became.

So I took a bicycle ride yesterday's evening again, but a really short one. While bicycling, I became num in the muscles of my shoulders and I got a bit dizzy.

Today, I woke up the same as yesterday 😩 But this time, I'll take Voltaren Gel 😏 Hopefully, that shit will work!

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Dizziness is odd, first time I hear of this. What type of bicycle do you have? Was it fitted for you by the shop you got it from?

@normandc @edgren
It seems there is a problem with your spine, probably in the neck region. The road bumps lead to a nerve being irritated.
You should talk to doctor.
Else, if you are leaning forward you might need to sit more upright. Also you should get extra suspensions for the saddle.

I tested my dad's new electric bicycle last week, and it had a similar saddle suspension. It was so comfortable, I'm thinking of getting one myself, as well as one for the handlebars.

I'm at a point in my life where I value comfort...

@normandc @edgren
This is also about your health. If those bumps already cause numbnes, sooner or later they might cause wheelchair.

@rudolf @normandc Oh my. I'll call the care counsel today so I can talk to a nurse.

Thank you for the advices. I will also take a good look at a saddle like the one you showed a picture on. Thanks πŸ™‚

Maybe a physical therapist could recommend some warm up exercises to do before a physical activity? Something to discuss with the nurse.

Good luck! I hope you can get the help you need so that you can practice cycling without getting pain afterwards.

@normandc @rudolf Yeah. I met a physical therapist last Tuesday 😊 Will call her tomorrow if this issue persist, but will call the nurses today.

Thanks 😊

@edgren @normandc Pain in the muscles would not alarm me much. But numbness does.

@edgren @normandc
And of course, dizziness is just as alarming too.

@rudolf @normandc Yeah. But I have been more or less dizzy since November, 2018 because of stiff muscles πŸ˜… But to be this dizzy... na. And when I move my shoulders, I get very dizzy and can feel a small numbness in my head.

@rudolf @normandc Very hard to explain it correctly, but numbness is the closest explaination I can give you. I also react to loud sounds when newly awake (like now), and I get the same effect when that happens.

@rudolf @normandc Oh my. Yeah, I am in queue to talking to a nurse right now. Hopefully they can give me an appointment with a doctor today, outside the emergency care centre.

@edgren @normandc
I din not mean that you should go to a hospital immediately. Just get advice before you continue using that bike.

@rudolf @normandc Na, I know πŸ™‚ I've talked to a nurse now and she said that it sounds more like nerve related. But I will consult with my physical therapist about my bicycle tomorrow.

@normandc Before November, 2018, I had very weak muscles because I didn't exercise and was "only" in front of the computer. In November, 2018, I got a concussion after a whiplash. From that point, my neck muscles got locked in a stiff position.

I started to exercise 2019, but didn't followed the plan. Didn't exercised basically at all in 2020 and this year, I started again last Tuesday when my muscles were very stiff.

My bike is a city bike and my dad gave me it as an early birthday present.

Oof, the whiplash explains things. I get you, getting exercise is a struggle. Cycling is the only physical activity that I like, so in the winter I'm mostly a couch potato. The pandemic confinement and curfew we had here didn't help either.

When I was a child and a teen, my family would go cross skiing and I like it a lot. I still haven't managed to resume this activity as an adult. It's hard to muster the motivation to get outside in the winter.

@normandc Yeah 😣 Thanks for understanding πŸ™‚ I enjoy bicycling more than I enjoy walking, but I am trying to walk more and more. Not easy alone, though πŸ™„

True. The pandemic last year got me startled too 😬 Luckily, we didn't had any lockdown at all, but it did affect me anyway.

Yeah, I bet because of the cold πŸ˜… Right?

The cold is a convenient excuse for us Nordic people, isn't it? 😜

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