I am starting to like Tusky...

@nattukaran Husky has that beautiful mascot for Plemora that I see as 18+ 😝 Other than that, only design advantages. I have tried Tusky before, but it is more beautiful crafted today compared to before (or it's just me being blind before)

@edgren @joeligj12 Use everything you can until you find a favorite. I used Husky, Musky, Fedilab, and found Tusky to be a goid implementation for Mastodon instances.

@edgren @joeligj12 Compact, light weight, basic, and with just a nice lay out.

Everything other than Fedilab works only with a single account, isn't it?
@edgren @joeligj12

@ashwinvis @edgren @joeligj12 it's more handy for spam posting and basically to be honest botting. I prefer breaking down my instances into different discussions. Just doesn't feel as personalized otherwise.

So ... Single account? I was actually wondering if multiple accounts supported in the other apps now. Seems like it is not. 😐

Breaking down discussions is also what I do. I have one which is generalist and another one for science.

I don't think Fedilab enables spammy behaviour of that's what you suggested.

@edgren @joeligj12

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