@bbbhltz No, source about Signal are working on a username only system. I thought that would understanding since I linked to that comment on reddit 😅

@edgren I think it is in the mailing list but I don't know where


Those who don’t and are claiming to be secure:

- @session
- @matrix
- @Jami (although it doesn’t even work 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Honourable mention:

- movim (they are working on the E2EE github.com/movim/movim/pull/98)

@Mehrad @session @matrix @Jami

To be honest, I am not interested in a replacement for Signal. I don't even use it. I only got curious if Signal are in fact trying to replace phone number registration with username registration.

But thank you anyway 🙂 Movim looks extremely interesting, though 😍 A social network that will be using E2EE! Or is it only for the chat in Movim that will be using OMEMO?


Movim sounds like a mixture of briar and xmpp.

I’m actually testing it for the pas month or so. The idea is brilliant and great BUT the community and content are mostly NSFW as far as I have explored and I didn’t see any proper filter to turn them off, and certainly I’m not going to suggest it to friends and family who are under age. The idea of having blog and messenger in one platform is interesting but perhaps unnecessary bloat.

@Mehrad Alright. I've tried Briar. Super buggy and super undeveloped! 😒 😅 With other words: not my thing.

Oh. I tried to login with my XMPP username, but couldn't because of "server overload" or something like that.

@edgren There's Matrix. I know there's also XMPP and some others but Matrix seems to be the winner.

@cos That's not what I asked for. I use both XMPP and Matrix.

@edgren Ok, sorry the teddit link does not work so I suppose I misunderstood the post.

@cos No worries. But I find it quite strange that the teddit link doesn't work for you 🤔 Go to the following toot to see a screenshot of what I meant.


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