To those who have used iPhones since iOS version 12.5.2. How is that version compared to the latest version 14.*? I find version 12.5.2 slow and clunky. And those animations! 😫😫😀 Wish I could disable them!

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@edgren I have used it but don’t quite remember how it was. They keep looking more or less the same every year. I think there was some setting to reduce parallax or something something.

@thumb Alright. Version 14.* also have darl theme which my version doesn't have. That's the "only" difference I've seen when I have used my mom's iPhone SE with the latest iOS version installed (only quick help fixes, nothing in-depth).

@edgren Yes, true. Dark mode is a recent addition. There must be a setting for reduce motions in iOS 11+.

@thumb Yes. Reduce motions excited in the settings. But if I activate that setting, everything fades in and out instead of zooming in and out. Super annoying! πŸ˜…πŸ˜’

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