I installed Manjaro GNOME on my MacBook Pro yesterday on its own partition. macOS are slow on that laptop, but with Manjaro, it is like a new laptop! The computer restarts faster, boots faster, and runs smoother. I have only a few issues with the trackpad and the battery level and I had to enable and start the fans, but other than that, it's perfect!

The only thing now is to learn Arch 😊 Or switch to Ubuntu GNOME or something like that.

Linux rules ❤️

@edgren Manjaro is not arch, be careful with that, it does quite a lot of things differently than it (in my view not positive)

@Logical_Error @edgren

It installs loads of things when you install it, so you already start up with a rather bloated system, it treats the aur like one of the normal repos instead of making sure you are cautious about what you install from there. They have added their own repos and don't get the latest stuff. It doesn't equip you with the skills to fix your system when you break it, and they very much do not keep with the kiss philosopy. Not saying it's trash, just not for me.

@sotolf Actually in spite of what you said about “not the latest stuff” is correct, but your statement is super misleading. Manjaro is very slightly behind Arch (about a week or two). This actually imho is a very positive thing as it provides an extra layer of safety, as those updates come in Arch and by the time people know what breaks and how to fix them, Manjaro has already handled those and released. Immensely stable compared to Arch (this is not the case AUR though)

@edgren @Logical_Error

@sotolf @edgren @Logical_Error also manjaro comes with a pacman wrapper named pamac which is much easier to use for day-to-day life (pamac update, pamac install inkscape, pamac remove yay, ...) and when complex task is in hand, pacman is still there.

@Mehrad @edgren @Logical_Error @bbbhltz so we're on the spreading fud about arch thing are we? I've been using arch for over 12 years by now, and the only 2 times something was broken was when I fucked up something seriously, talk about something you know anything about instead of spreading more lies...

@sotolf @edgren @Logical_Error @bbbhltz Arch is a good distro (definitely better than OpenSUSE Tumbleweed) but Nvidia breaking my system after updates forced me to look for a more stable rolling release as I’m not probably a power-user compared to you.

Arch and Manjaro rarely break unlike the stereotype.

@Mehrad @edgren @Logical_Error @bbbhltz haha, so now suddenly arch is stable huh?... Yeah, great logic there, just go with your food train somewhere else, I'm not interested when you admitted yourself you were lying in your last toot, I'm not interested in discussing something with someone that's actively lying.

@sotolf Btw, I don’t appreciate the tone. I used “misleading” and you used “lie”! I commented on one point of yours and you took it too personally. I’m sure we all can pass our differences and have a less offensive tone in our comments. Don’t you think? 😉

@edgren @Logical_Error @bbbhltz

@Mehrad @edgren @Logical_Error @bbbhltz I didn't say anything misleading, saying that it doesn't get the newest things and they bring 2 weeks apart is exactly the same, misleading would be saying something that didn't mean exactly the facts that you confirmed yourself. I'm not taking it personality, I'm just tired of people keeping on spreading misinformation. Like you admitted yourself you were doing. So don't play a victim here. If you would not spread fud we could have a normal discussion.

@edgren I personally hope that you enjoy whatever Linux you install on your computer and be blown away by the awesome journey of learning. One last advice: you can almost always find the answer in the Arch wiki regardless of what Arch-based distro you use.

I also do hope that we witness more constructive discussion in F[L]OSS community.

@Logical_Error @bbbhltz @sotolf

@Mehrad @Logical_Error @bbbhltz @sotolf Thank you 🙂 I will explore Manjaro further. Now after some tweaking using built-in "tweakers", I kind of enjoy it 🙂

@sotolf @Logical_Error @edgren many of the *-based distros (whether it is Debian-based with Ubuntu and MX or Arch-based with Manjaro) like to go crazy with the extra bits they throw in. There is nothing really wrong with that. I agree with the comment on the AUR as well. I used Manjaro for awhile but, strangely enough, I moved to Manjaro *after* Arch.

@sotolf Manjaro are based on Arch which I go after 🙂 I don't know how to build from scratch, so Manjaro are the closest thing I can come to Arch.

@edgren Installing arch is not difficult really, you just follow the instrustions on the wiki ;) and manjaro is far from the closest, endeavor and even arco linux both are way closer than manjaro.

@sotolf It is difficult for me who have never ever used Arch, only Debian/Ubuntu 🙂 I am still learning Debian/Ubuntu after 5-6 years (slow learner).

@edgren that's nice! Last time I looked the Macbooks were pretty difficult to put Linux on.

@fedops Yeah. I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon when I got the laptop back in February and that was a near nightmare[1]. Apparently, GNOME are the best choice for a MacBook.


@edgren And this is with Gnome, imagine using it with Mate!

@person I have never used it with MATE. Have you? 🙂 Please tell me if you have.

@edgren I didn't use Manjaro with Mate, I used Debian with it tho. It's my favorite, if I had to use a DE I would go with Mate. It doesn't look very good out of the box but unlike Gnome you can actually customize Mate so that's not a problem :D

@person Ok. Do you have an MacBook Pro and using Debian on it? As of now, I would choose Debian/Ubuntu over Arch, but since I always have wanted to try Arch, I installed Manjaro 🙂

@edgren @person you always wanted to try arch, so you installed something that's explicitly not arch and fast from the experience of using arch, sorry to say, but you still haven't tried arch.

@lig @edgren @person Hehe, I don't have much experience with it, but I'm sure it's good :)

@person @edgren mate is great, and especially for new users, it's the only one I ever install for non tech savvy users, and it's usually always a hit :)

@edgren congrats! It is nice that you can take advantage of your hardware with a Linux distro ;)

@edgren I use Raspberry Pi OS on my 2011 Macbook Air, and it boots and runs really fast! It's a great lightweight option, uses less than 300Mb RAM after clean boot.

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