Remind me, what is the point of add an analytics on your website now again? 🙂

The thing is that I am "yes, I will add it!" and "no, why?" now and then on adding analytics to Serenum.

@edgren so you can track how popular your site is. I’d recommend just throwing something like Plausible or Goat Analytics on it and call it a day

@blueberry True. Yeah, but if I add for an example @plausible visitor's IP addresses (and useragent) will be seen by me and there is nothing they can do about it. I don't like that. I want my visitors to have full control over their own personal data.

If Plausible would allow the visitors to delete their own personal data from Plausible (self-hosted or not), then I wouldn't plan to build my own analytics feature to Serenum... if that will happen.

@edgren you can have a banner asking the user for consent to track them (then load the Plausible JS)

@edgren I think server access logs are a pretty decent alternative if you have that. Just collect times and UserAgents (so you can filter out Googlebot etc)

@mwt Yeah. I will disable Apache's logging if I haven't done that already. I love to have control over my own data and I want others to have the same feeling when it comes to my projects 🙂 I decided yesterday that I will not log anything on Serenum.

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