I have added the following products to cart:

RPi 4, 8 GB
Argon ONE M2
250 GB M.2 SSD from PNY

Have I missed something?

The total sum (with shipping) are currently on 191.07 EUR and my budget are 199 EUR. Does a power cort to the RPi 4 usually come with the package?

The drive may be too small unless you plan on running pruned. the blockchain is about 330MB right now.

@Donkey_Kong I'm sorry, but what do you mean? Mining bitcoins? I will buy these to have it mainly as a web server 🙂

@edgren Oh sorry man everyone in my feed is setting up bitcoin nodes. All good.

@edgren Unless you've bought a RPi Kit, it might web worth getting a powercable (You probably already have a USB C cable), maybe a small fan/heatsinks

@ed1727 Ah, ok. Thanks for the information 🙂 Argon ONE M2 has a fan + sensors that checks if RPi 4 are getting too hot and runs the fans based on that (what I can remember).

@edgren Ah perfect! just a powercable then. Will you be booting from your NVMe drive? if not, you'll need an SD Card :) 8GB minimum.

@ed1727 Alright 😊 Yeah, I will have everything on the M.2 SSD (also called NVMe?).

@edgren @ed1727 No, the ArgonOne needs an M.2 SATA SSD, not NVME

@rcode3 @ed1727 Oh. Thank you for telling me this. But I've read that Argon ONE M2 requires a M.2 SSD drive with key B and key B&M. I can only find M.2 SSD drives (SATA or M.2) that has key M?

@edgren @ed1727 This is what I used. It has to be M.2 SATA with B key or B&M key. The manual for my SSD seems to say the M key means NVME.

@arran Haven't heard about it until now. I checked it out and it do looks promising, but I can't find it in any Swedish online stores. I want to have that Swedish support if something happens that forces me to send it back or something like that. But it was a neat little thing, no doubt about it 🙂

@edgren Ah fair, I got mine in Germany.

I've recently built a simple NAS with it, loving it :)

@edgren It's really great, I'm running Open Media Vault, Emby (For the TV to pull Media), Syncthing, and Borg Backup.

Love having the ability to mount an NFS share between computers.

Still have plenty of headroom, just need ideas..

@edgren mh that's about what I paid for my Asrock Deskmini A300 which has about the same idle power consumption but is a lot more powerful when you need it to. Just saying.

@edgren Wasn't aware of the Argon case range. Thanks!

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