I installed glances on my server to check the stats and saw that I really, really need a new server 😅 Will buy a RPi 4 with 8 GB of RAM tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Must check my budget first.


Darnit! I can't buy RPi 4 until maybe next month 😔 Too many extra expenses this month.

I've looked more into my budget for next month and concluded that it would take maybe 2-3 month before I can buy RPi 4.

Since my server are not the best, I think I need RPi 4 sooner than 3 months (I can have wrong, though). I have therefore created a Ko-fi profile where people can help me buy RPi 4 sooner than expected.

No forcing and not a must, but it would be very helpful and I would be very glad 🙂



I now have enough money for this little beauty. I got donations from other places outside Ko-fi which made me super happy too!

Now to the planning board and also to choose the parts I need. Many thanks for all donations! 🤗

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