A weather service with no JavaScript mode (no map, no search for manual place, no GPS, only manual input directly into the URL (,17.3033 or

Yay or nay?

@floppy Of course. But I am currently building my own weather service 🙂

@mwt Great idea! Fetching data from JSON in the terminal, just like

@tomosaigon Nope, on the website. When it comes to the API, of course there will be no map, no search, or anything like that 🙂 Or do you have any ideas?

@edgren I mean the way I understood it, you load a url with some parameters and it returns a very stripped down page with a temperature... It sounds the same as an api. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

@tomosaigon Yeah, but out of privacy and security, JavaScript should almost always be disabled. Many people always have JavaScript disabled in their browsers.

@edgren FWIW HTML forms don't require JS so searching for a location is possible. Technically a map would also be possible without JS but that would require generating a video or animated PNG/gif on demand

@splatt9990 Nope. Forms doesn't need JavaScript to function, but the map requires it (Leaflet). I don't want to have any video on my weather service 😊 More than the ones that are uploaded by the visitors, of course (thinking about it anyway).

@edgren you're thinking an interactive map. I was thinking of a generated video or animated png/gif which is static once the page loads. The server would generate it for the client per request. That being said, that would be pretty hard/ expensive in terms of CPU so it probably wouldnt be worth it. I was just noting it was technically possible without JS.

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