What the actual phuk? Do Microsoft own DuckDuckGo or is it a false-alarm from ?

@edgren I think duckduckgo uses bing as one of their main providers of search results if I'm not remembering wrong.

@edgren no clue about that it's not like I'm a represetative of ddg :p

@sotolf @edgren No it seems that, in the CSS, there's some "filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.%" ... but it's just adaptations for IE browser by memory 🤔

@danslerush @sotolf @edgren That's hilarious. Way to detect a Microsoft URL. (I finally see why we have the convention that URL protocols put :// when they're specifying a host and : when they're not.)

@edgren Probably just means some of their hosting is Azure.

@fossil Ok. I probably switch to another search engine after this. Seriously...

@edgren @fossil I had a similar disagreement with DuckDuckgo.
have you tried searx yet?
You can select which search providers it returns results via and doesn't give them any information. you can even run your own instance of it if you like.
It's pretty good.

@pswilde @edgren @fossil I used searx for about a month, but the instances that I used kept dropping out on me, and the page is not fun to use with keyboard navigation, so I've been falling back to ddg. I also like the results there better, but that might be because I'm used to them.

@pswilde @edgren @fossil I tried Searx but it refused to give me English-only results no matter how many times I told it. It was giving me 60% Russian and 10% Arabic.

@zigpress @edgren @fossil Ooh, that's not so good. Though I'm running my own instance so I can enforce English results in the backend and if it drops out (which it hasn't yet to be honest) I can @ddg %search term% in firefox so I'm coping pretty well with it

@pswilde @fossil Thanks. Currently trying it out again and so far, I like it.

@edgren @fossil I tried Startpage and Qwant but the DDG results are so much better (for me).

@edgren DDG uses Microsoft for their ads. They are very open about it. There is no personalization of the ads or transfer of your data to MS for the ads. The ads are based on your search criteria and once you are done, the ad is gone.

@davidlionfish Thank you for the suggestion, but they do not support noscript and runs reCAPTCHA.


in 2011: *Google* is the bad guy here! Not us!

DuckDuckGo in 2021: ah, fuck...

But seriously, try an instance of , they even have better results in my experience.

@kzimmermann Hehe. Thanks, but I already have switched to Searx and plan to host my own instance for personal use 😁

@edgren good call! I wanna host mine too, once I get around my port forwarding block

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