I wonder what Linux dist. I should take. I am not happy with macOS since last update (see my previous toot).

@OSE @csamu @Mehrad

Thank you for your suggestions 🙂 I will take a closer look into Manjaro and Pop!_OS.

@edgren It really depends on what you use, if you're okay with a bit slower updates something like mx-linux or debian would be nice, want something more experimental and build from a clear base, arch, want to really learn and have a fast system, gentoo.

@sotolf Ok. Well, Arch is out of the question since I haven't mastered it yet 😅 I tried Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon when I got the laptop and it was buggy, lastly with the graphic drivers. I focus to install elementary OS 6 whenever it has been released, only beacuse of their good geasture supports (similar to macOS' geastures).

@edgren If you're running on the mac and want something mac-like probably elementary would be good, I never liked it at all, but I'm the farthest from a mac person you could come I think. I use keyboard shortcuts instead of gestures, because I hate touch pads:p

@sotolf Yeah. It seemed that they have fully copied macOS' geastures[1]. Since I love the geastures in macOS, v6 will be perfect!

But v6 are only in early access right now which I don't want to use (I am more a stable release kind of a guy). According to an article[2], v6 will probably not be released until end of this year.

But according to their GitHub's projects page[3], they are soon done.


@edgren considering your other comment, if you are not ready for Arch, you can try Manjaro. It is still rolling release but it is about a week or so behind and it adds an extra saftynet.

@edgren one critical suggestion though, it is a very good idea to partition your computer in a way that you give your `/home` a separate partition (I even have it on completely separate HDD and installed my OS on an SSD). This is extremely good for when you want to do dirstro hopping as you can format the OS partition without needing to backup the `/home`. The caveat is that you might end up with some left over folders and files in your `.config/` but cleaning them is super easy and fast.

@edgren Manjaro KDE is a good Distribution for Linux newbies as well as hard core Linux users, It's an Arch based Linux distribution that is very customizable and has a massive repository which is a big win in my book. Regolith and Arco are very good if you're into Window managers. Elementary OS is also good if you're a fan of MacOS's Design, it's based on Ubuntu. Pop OS is another Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, It's very new-user friendly.

@edgren @OSE @csamu @Mehrad Good luck with it, some good suggestions there but honestly you'd be good to start out with any of the mainstream distros and once you've started for a while with one there's nothing to stop you from trying others out.

@grax @OSE @csamu @Mehrad Yes, that is true. We'll see where I end up before the release of elementary OS 6 🙂

@edgren, coming from mac I started with Manjaro because I liked the concept of a "stable" rolling release, with kde desktop... I didn't got it working. I switched to Kubuntu and realised kde was not my thing. Then started Ubuntu with Gnome, it worked for me, because Gnome has similarities to macos. Than I missed the flexibility and freshness of a rolling Arch like distribution. With the Linux skills I gained using the previous distributions, I settled with Manjaro Gnome.. and am still learning.

@remark Nice. So Gnome has better support for a MacBook rather than KDE? Good to know. Thank you for the info 🙂

@edgren Gnome is the DesktopEnviroment and feels, for me, more intuitive when you come from macos and is not hardware support related. Manjaro could work better on a macbook, due the nature of this OS, saying that I am also running pop_os on a macbook. Manjaro has lots and often updates, thats more risky and can involve a more hands on approach, that I like.

@remark Alright. But how good support for geastures do Manjaro and Pop!_OS have on a MacBook? I use the touchpad geasture as often as possible and find them very useful.

@edgren I dont use those myself. You could test that with a live booth on a usb, I know in Gnome there is some gesture support, could be similar for Kde.

@remark Oh, ok. Then I misunderstood you (sorry). If you want, sure 🙂 I will otherwise check some videos through Invidious.

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