So I recently came across , a cleaner version of built directly from source and minus the telemetry shit.

Tried it out and might be placebo but Codium seems snappier than Code.

Here’s the link in case you wanna switch too:

@arghyadeep VSCodium are awesome! But it runs Electron which I do not like that much. Electron makes it slow now and then. I've tried CudaText and use it mainly for editing files on my server these days. But I don't know. I want to switch from VSCodium to CudaText, but it's hard 😂

@edgren How do you access server files in CudaText?

Where is it installed?


@arghyadeep If you'll try CudaText out, be careful with Ctrl+Y! That shortcut are default to cutting the whole line or erase backwards. You need to re-set that shortcut to Undo in Help > Command palette.

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