Hey guys (and girls). Where can I find the new key for the PPA of ? I have the old one so I can't update Element on Linux anymore.

When I finally came over the missing files for basically the whole 2009 and after I deleted all of them from my Google Drive account "by mistake" (I really, really regret it still), I have now noticed that the exact same thing has happened again, but for 2014!! πŸ˜“

I have contacted MEGA and also uninstalled MEGASync completely. No more!! I haven't even touched those files for years and only used MEGASync as sync app. After that, poff, files gone πŸ˜’

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Alright! Another major update published on my blog.

After I contacted IMY[1] yesterday, I have added a privacy policy page that states exactly how your personal data are handled and why (with sources of course). See the changelog[2] to see what I've done more.


Now, a long, nice walk in this hot spring weather 😎

[1]: imy.se/other-lang/in-english/
[2]: git.airikr.me/airikr/airikr-bl

I started to talk to a female from Asia few days ago. Somehow, we started to talk about privacy and security online.

I told her what is happening behind the scene at mainly Facebook and gave her sources to my claims. Now she said that she will delete her Facebook account and will start to read privacy policies.

My mood right now: 😌

I didn't got vaccinated today 😣 For almost a year ago, I visited the emergency room for a tiny swollen throat from a muscle relaxant I took. Because of that reaction of some unknown-isch substance, they wanted to postpone my first shot of the vaccine and let a doctor be present in case something would happen to me.

New vaccination date: May 4th

I released a new update for my all Swedish blog. Finally, visitors can comment the blog posts and I can pin posts 😁 Feels good.

Have to call the company who answers questions regarding GDPR tomorrow, though, about one thing with the comment system I've built. See if they approve it or not. But that is if I have the strengh after the first vaccine shot.

"Next up are Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 9 Pureview. Whereas Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 were initially scheduled to get the Android 11 update sometime between Q1 and Q2. Since Q1 is gone, all hope lies with Q2 now."

Source: piunikaweb.com/2021/04/01/noki

That article was written on April 1st so I can't take it seriously...

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Nokia. You said that Android 11 will be release to Nokia 7.2 in Q1/Q2[1]. It's early Q2 now and I don't trust you...

Why I don't trust Nokias statements: they said last year that Nokia 8.1 will get Android 11 back in Q4 2020. The actual release was last week[2].

[1]: nitter.snopyta.org/pic/media%2
[2]: nitter.snopyta.org/NokiaMobile

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But only because of that, I can't remember any account that I may have lost because I deleted my FastMail account πŸ˜’

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Ha! I was able to re-create my old FastMail address and now I can gain access to accounts I wouldn't be able to restore πŸ˜ƒ I have 30 days on me until I have to pay FastMail per month!

Alright! Vaccination for COVID-19 are now booked! 😎 Will take it on Friday if my test result for Warfarin[1] comes back okay tomorrow.

[1]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warfarin

I've just released an update to my all Swedish blog. I added a basic rating system[1] and a page where you can have full control over your stored data[2]. The IP addresses are saved hashed and will only be saved when you rate a blog post.

done right.

[1]: blog.airikr.me/read:605a1b1a69 (scroll all the way down)
[2]: blog.airikr.me/manage-my-data

Upcoming feature: detailed overview for the daily forecast with blurry background (Firefox not supported[1] without changing the values in about:config first[2]).

More data will of course be added before release.

[1]: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do
[2]: dev.to/rethinkprogramming/how-

Invidious uninstalled and bash script deleted and terminated on my server. invidious.tube will do for now. A bit slower, but it works better. Plus, the invidious-update.sh file made my CPU work 100% 24/7. Now when I removed it, the CPU usage are now down to 8.9% πŸ™‚ Everything loads faster now. So nice! I know, I could have terminated the bash script before.

Whenever I've my new server up and running, I might be installing Invidious again.

I don't know, but I actually love Google Photos. I don't use it, but I have used it and still love it.

I tried to add "Instant view" to my blog a while ago and I thought I failed, but it turned out I succeeded! 😍

If I share a post from my blog to someone on Telegram and they hit "Instant view", that post will be instantly loaded. Perfect!


I am trying to add one more icon to my username here, but adding it will exceed the 30 characters limit. Any ideas of how to add that second icon?

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