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Flightradar24 android app is asking permissions to send data to some ad networks. I don't want to. Recommendations for alternative apps? Must display OGN traffic also.

I forgot how tedious it really is to install Windows 10 πŸ˜’πŸ˜΅

Okay. I have a dilemma. In order to save the content of my personal website as a PDF for easy printing (and then in a light theme and not in a dark theme to save printer ink), I need to add some JavaScript lines to the source code.

What to do, what to do πŸ€”

The moment when you accidentally delete all todo notes in a category πŸ™„

Well. It's okay now. I'll let it be... for now. I also managed to reduce the uncompressed size from nearly 160 kB to 109 kB by compressing the picture on me and using woff2 instead of woff for the font.

Maja is sleeping already while I do some nightly programming and listening to soothing lofi music via Subsonic.

This was just what my mind and my body needed 😌

Can Session be better than XMPP regarding functionality? Lets try it out!

Here's my Session ID: 0586b6cf7874a55ca63011c463bd9b3445935cc11ad41ae29f0be3be9b4c645e1e

The work with the English version of my blog has been started for real this time!

Just added my skills to my personal website[1]. I must say that I am very happy with how have become 😍


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I am thinking about adding JavaScript support for my blog anyway.

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Hm. PostgreSQL or MySQL for a blog? And what's your thoughts about it?

According to a, article about the difference[1], PostgreSQL are faster than MySQL in massive data sets, complicated queries, and read-write operations, while MySQL are faster in read-only commands.


After hours of trying to fix Airikr Git, I gave up. I am too tired to even fix the basic issues. So I have now started to use Codeberg again.

It was fun to have my own Gitea server.

Sorry about the mess. Am in the middle of web programming and configuring my RPi 4 (currently trying to fix Seafile).

OS: Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon

Accelerometer data from smartphones can reveal location, passwords, body features, age, gender, level of intoxication, driving style, and be used to reconstruct words spoken next to the device - Lemmy –

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