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I must say, I find a really interesting project, especially the anonymizer feature.

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I finally got rid of my cellphone, in favour of a $5/month home phone.

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: I know it's not totally made with free softwares (at least ) BUT amazing pieces from Marceau NAKAYAMA !! 🤩 The nostalgic story of two brothers (that reminds me a little Tekkonkinkreet / 鉄コン筋クリート)

I am having troubles thinking out a good solution for displaying the weather report and forecast in a simple, yet detailed and informative way on my weather service, Serenum. Any ideas? Think simplicity (example:

Just finished scanned all of these receipts. It took a while 😅 I am far from finished, though. I have 2 more pile of receipts that contains even more receipts 😬

"Signal Server is effectively closed source software right now"

I have added the following products to cart:

RPi 4, 8 GB
Argon ONE M2
250 GB M.2 SSD from PNY

Have I missed something?

The total sum (with shipping) are currently on 191.07 EUR and my budget are 199 EUR. Does a power cort to the RPi 4 usually come with the package?

I now have enough money for this little beauty. I got donations from other places outside Ko-fi which made me super happy too!

Now to the planning board and also to choose the parts I need. Many thanks for all donations! 🤗

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Strong language 

I just installed a new update (v11.2.2 of macOS) and apparently, my customized files are in a folder on the desktop. And there it was, my httpd.conf file. I just deleted that folder without looking at it last time 🙈

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I just found this interesting chart while searching for a suitable saddle for my sister on and wanted to share.
Apperantly she needs a saddle like depicted for Posture 4, while my trekking and street bike saddles are better suited for my position while riding which would be Posture 3 and 2 respectively 🚴

From 100/10 to 250/100. A clear difference 😊 Not good ping, though.

Finally the development of Serenum has started. I plan to make it self-hosted (no Docker, though).

And for the screenshot, changes can occur. The screenshot is showing the config file from which Serenum will go after.

A weather service with no JavaScript mode (no map, no search for manual place, no GPS, only manual input directly into the URL (,17.3033 or

Yay or nay?

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My MSI motherboard has arrived. Time to replace my current MSI b350 board and do some gaming on linux 😍

Follow my linux gaming channel for some live streaming:

Religious vlogger 

Not to put her in a difficult spot or something like that because she maybe is a very nice person. But I think she need to go out some more.

This issue has now been solved. Both LoadModule userdir_module libexec/apache2/ and LoadModule php7_module libexec/apache2/ was commented so I uncommented them, saved the file, restarted Apache, and viola!

Will now try to fix my personal website so it's even more clean and more lightweight than it is now... I think.

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