Just a fast question.

I am using duplicity to sync my files to and from Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and I have noticed the statistics when it's finished that it states "DeletedFiles N" where N is a number.

Does it mean deleted files on Backblaze or deleted files on my desktop?

And in this video, I show the new features for the comments.

JavaScript and CSS have its advantages 😊 In this video, I show the new geastures for the sidemenu and the blurred background for the 2 links in the upper left corner.

Finally! Rain this evening! It will start around 16:00 and will end perhaps next morning at around 07:00. I truly hope this forecast are very accurate because nature really need the water right now!

And hopefully, I will be able to fall asleep to this lovely rain 😌

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AntennaPod 2.3 is rolling out! Already on Google Play since a couple of days, and hopefully soon also on @fdroidorg. You can now tag your subscriptions to organize them. For a full list of changes, have a look at our website: antennapod.org/blog/2021/07/2-

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Next time you're outside, take a look at the clouds.

Would it be wise of me to remove XML support for RSS on my blog?

Most RSS clients do support JSON now, and more clients adds support for it.

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OK. I have some difficulties deciding how an email address will be saved in a comment.

I want to add a subscription feature for comments and in order to let the website send a notification to an email address, I need to store it in plaintext. But that can be a risk if the database gets exposed to the public.

I can't think of any other solution for this, but before I move on, I want to know what you guys and gals are thinking about this. Do you have any better solution?

Please, tell me! 🙂

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I must say, I start to love Quire[1] more for each day that goes by.

[1]: quire.io

Anyone here using an Android emulator in Linux? I am searching for one. Any recommendations besides Anbox (have tried it and it was too advanced for me).

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Oh. I didn't know that Libera Chat[1] was created by Swedes 😮😃

[1]: libera.chat

I think Mastodon are the only social network that uses 24 as an hour instead of 00 😂

It is hard/difficult to create a blog that will respect visitor's privacy while maintaining the same quality as most blog platforms here in Sweden. Harder than I thought it would be.

I need to plan more.

Hm, how about that. Email address are not personal data according to GDPR.

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