The installation is finally completed! Kind of slow connection and I thought I was able to reach the system from my phone. That would be even more awesome!

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To install Ubuntu Desktop on Android via AnLinux and Termux took a longer time than I thought πŸ˜… The installation process begun around 23:15 and now at 23:58, it's still on.

I got a DNA test kit in birthday present from my family today 😍 Am so excited! Can't wait for the kit to come to my mailbox! πŸ˜‚ 🀩

I just realized that I have a little over 50 apps in my phone that are only open source! And I will root my phone after I've got it repaired so I can uninstall all the bloatwares and only rely on Aurora Store and F-Droid.

I don't know, but I think I will do a backup of all my projects that are on the Scaleway server. After the backup process, I'll delete that server and just make a new one and start over from square one again. But... I just don't know πŸ€”

Why I'm thinking about it, is because 1) a lot of crap is on that server that I never use today, and 2) I have 4 images and 7 snapshots of that server that I can't delete because "they are active" and is only costing me a lot of extra money each month.

I upgraded to MATE for 2 days ago (which I wrote about that day), but I went back to Cinnamon again yesterday. MATE contains less features than what Cinnamon does.

The only reason I wanted to have MATE, was that I wanted to change the icons in the taskbar - that's it! But I felt more downgraded than upgraded so I made the switch back again. It felt like home right away after the installation πŸ₯°

I am finally upgrading to Linux Mint MATE 20. Used to have Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3. I am so excited! I've wanted to install MATE for a couple of months now and seeing the version 20 release made me getting it even more - and now it's happening!

Just finishing up my new website and want to obfuscate my email address which is now in plain text. But I have a question about that. Is it really nessecary to obfuscate the email address? Or is it a requirement to not being spammed by bots?

Just one question. Why do people tend to write down "he/him" and "she/her" or something like that on their profiles here and on their website? Is it to be more clear about their sex or is it because of something else?

Creating my own icons for Serenum were way more fun than I thought. The icons will be a part of Serenum API, too. They need to be polished after the first version, though.

I've just bought, but I don't know how my website will be.

Shall it only contain text about me or shall it be both about me and a small blog? Hm...

Trying out the new Mastodon client Husky. Somehow I like the color scheme.

@celia Hi. I must say that I find your blog very stylish. I love the splash of dark, white, and purple.

I'm having a hard time optimizing for better loading speed even if I'm using BunnyCDN. More must be done apperantly.

Do anyone here want to help me optimize the website so it loads faster and get a score higher than 40 on Google PageSpeed Insight?

Just trying out Ferdi and I must say, I am impressed. Ferdi is a service where you can add other services, like Telegram and Mastodon. Fast switch between the services, dark mode on all services, and more.

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The major update for Serenum have finally been released! Some small improvements here and there are the only things left to do after the update. When that is done, I will focus on adding more features such as graphs and a new look for the astronomy section.


I finally fixed an issue for next major update of Serenum! A huge burden have lifted from my chest. Everything feels so simple now. It's a wonderful feeling! It took maybe a few weeks for me to fix the issue.

Fosstodon are now my only home of all Mastodon instances :ac_heart:

Trying to work on the big update for my weather service called Serenum, but I am stuck and can't concentrate on the task in hand due to dizziness because of insanely tense neck muscles.

Serenum are completely open sourced and I am now searching for a partner to join the development so the updates can be released more often.

Who wants to join?

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