Got promising tips about my cat just two doors down, in the backyard where he ran to on the night he escaped. I'm really hoping it's my kitty.

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Ubuntu suddenly decided to boot up with a black screen. 99.9% sure the culprit is Nvidia. Will have to investigate after work, though. Good think I recently backed up my files


I haven't written or drawn anything in nearly a week. I feel like every moment spent not combing through Facebook (yeah yeah I know, I resorted to making an account because there are many neighbourhood and lost pet groups in my area on Facebook), Nextdoor, Reddit, the local impound, and shelters is a moment wasted. It's also really hard for me to pay attention at work. I should have just taken the whole week off.

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If my baby doesn't come home, idk if I could ever have another cat again :(

Got two tips about cats that look like mine. Went to investigate. Both not my cats. :( Still looking for him but I'm starting to feel a little hopeless. I won't give up though. Zuko came back to Iroh, I hope my Zuko will come back to me.

My cat got out last Sunday and has been missing for the past two days :( I miss him so much!


Happy Taemin day!

As a huge Michael Jackson fan, I love watching the choreography to Criminal and spotting all the MJ influenced moves.

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Happy !
Yesterday Zuko went to the vet for the first time and he did not like it at all. But at least he has a clean bill of health!

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Do you have two-factor authentication on your Mastodon account?

"Were you drawing in this? Too bad."
- my cat, probably

Take 2 because I can't spell anymore

Me: like no one will understand this reference

Me: I'm posting it anyway

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Me every time I open Intellij via *Taemin's IDEA immediately pops into my head*

my-ah-ah, my-ah-ah, my-ah, my I-D-E-A, you are, you are, you are my ideaaaa

Couldn't fall asleep last night and I only got three hours of sleep. Today is going to be a long day.

I went to the park yesterday with family and some relatives that I haven't seen in over a year. It was so nice to catch up but I haven't socialized like that in person for so long, it was exhausting.

I'm the type of person who changes their hobbies like every quarter. Lately I've been trying to read and write more fiction. Still involves screens but that just means less social media time.

I basically can only talk about music lately.

Found an accordion cover of one of my favourite songs and it gives off some good Studio Ghibli vibes.

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