Last night I checked the cat trap every hour from 00:00 to 06:00 then went to bed. Finally woke up at 13:40 hahaha. My sleep schedule may or may not be fucked.

Late for but I think I've set up my desktop to my liking. It's almost 5am but I've been checking on the humane cat trap I set out for my lost cat every hour so it's fine.

Okay, my sound stutters every time I use a command, does that happen to anyone else?

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Got Pop!_OS installed. Now for my favourite and least favourite part: installing and tweaking everything to my liking. There's something nice about starting from scratch. Also, I'm using Regolith instead of vanilla i3 and I'm liking it a lot!

Update: GNOME works but i3wm is giving me a black screen. Tried switching drivers from nvidia to nouveau, reconfiguring xorg, and reinstalling i3. Nada. I love i3, why does it hate me so much. Maybe I'll try reinstalling the OS, but maybe I'll try Pop OS. Will have to dig in further.

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I went out looking for my cat this morning and I saw him!! It was undeniably him. I turned around after looking in my neighbour's backyard (with permission) and I saw him standing on the sidewalk. He walked away and I saw him sit in the backyard of the house next over. I'm so happy that he's been safe so far. The hard part now is actually catching him.

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Got promising tips about my cat just two doors down, in the backyard where he ran to on the night he escaped. I'm really hoping it's my kitty.

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Ubuntu suddenly decided to boot up with a black screen. 99.9% sure the culprit is Nvidia. Will have to investigate after work, though. Good think I recently backed up my files


I haven't written or drawn anything in nearly a week. I feel like every moment spent not combing through Facebook (yeah yeah I know, I resorted to making an account because there are many neighbourhood and lost pet groups in my area on Facebook), Nextdoor, Reddit, the local impound, and shelters is a moment wasted. It's also really hard for me to pay attention at work. I should have just taken the whole week off.

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If my baby doesn't come home, idk if I could ever have another cat again :(

Got two tips about cats that look like mine. Went to investigate. Both not my cats. :( Still looking for him but I'm starting to feel a little hopeless. I won't give up though. Zuko came back to Iroh, I hope my Zuko will come back to me.

My cat got out last Sunday and has been missing for the past two days :( I miss him so much!


Happy Taemin day!

As a huge Michael Jackson fan, I love watching the choreography to Criminal and spotting all the MJ influenced moves.

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Happy !
Yesterday Zuko went to the vet for the first time and he did not like it at all. But at least he has a clean bill of health!

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Do you have two-factor authentication on your Mastodon account?

"Were you drawing in this? Too bad."
- my cat, probably

Take 2 because I can't spell anymore

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