Music is so powerful. I listened to barely five seconds of a song that has a lot of history for me and it sent me into a spiral of anxiety. I haven't felt like this in months. The healing progress isn't always linear, it seems.

I'm a wannabe writer and I could only dream to create such a comprehensive world with interesting characters and character arcs. And all the criticisms of the series are good to keep in mind for me as well.

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I've been thinking about Avatar the Last Airbender a lot lately and how it's a greatly written series even though it has a lot of flaws. I just think it might be the greatest animated series of all time, or at least in my generation.

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You know what I hate? When restaurants don't have a website and their menus are only on their Instagram profile. You know what I hate even more? Instagram has recently blocked the ability to view public profiles completely. Sorry, not creating an account just to view a menu.

I've been using FocusMate and it's done wonders for my productivity. It's like working next to someone except virtually in one hour intervals. I'm the type who needs that kind of accountability. Or maybe I just miss being around people.

My friend got me onto the curly hair method. It's only day two and my hair is still quite frizzy, but I'm starting to see more curls forming!

I thought my laptop was dying because the screen was flickering but it turns out that using Wayland fixes it. After briefly looking into it, it might be due to compton or something with the drivers but I'm saving that problem for another day.

My neighbours woke me up with their music at 4AM this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. On the upside, I got a lot done before today's 7AM F1 race.

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Take 5 minutes to straighten the space around you. Set a timer.

I keep meaning to check out Matrix but don't know where to start. What are some cool places to look into?


The lead vocalist of said band announced a 2021 Japan tour of his first album, my favourite album of his. Can't catch a break 😭

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Do you have any policy on starving #browser tabs? I find myself using tabs as "read it later" #bookmarks but these keeps growing and growing... 😞

Update: It was not me. Twitter has shown that it's been an issue for a while now. Phew.

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I might have broken a site by accidentally signing up with a password that had a bunch of illegal characters. It was randomly generated from KeePass but I was on autopilot and clicked through. I was like, "it'll probably give me an error about how the password is invalid." Nope, it went through and the homepage turned into a garbled mess.

Lately, I've been sleeping the day away. To the point where all my waking hours have been just dedicated to work and eating. It's super frustrating. I only have myself to blame. Having good sleep hygiene has never been my forte. Going to try no electronics an hour before bed and see how well I can hold myself to it.

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It's my favourite band's 30th anniversary this year. I've been loving and listening to them for over 13 years. Since they are a Japanese band, I never thought I would ever see them live.

I was hopeful once I got my first job out of uni and started planning a trip to Japan in 2021. But with the state of travel and concerts (although Japan seems to have more luck with concerts) and how old the members are getting to be, I'm not so certain that my middle school dream will ever be fulfilled. 😒

Trying to use my mouse less and less. I'm realising how many sites are just not keyboard-only friendly.

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