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Does anyone have on their ? I'm thinking about doing it, would just need to pull the trigger on buying storage. Any tips? Words of caution? Alternatives?

I tried to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. It didn't go well. Good thing I had all my data backed up.

I decided to dabble in and I really love the client. Lately I've been Dracula theming everything so obviously I would configure Kristall with Dracula colours.

Just found Ariane, an Android client. Are there any other clients for mobile that people need to know about? oppenlab.net/pr/ariane/

TIL that once upon a time, ColdTurkey was open source. Now to find an actual FOSS alternative github.com/csulmone/Cold-Turke

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I have two monitors but my cat often sits in front of one of them when I'm at my computer so really, I only use one monitor.

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I wrote about what it was like taking a five day break from eating, speaking, screens to read, write, meditate, and exercise. And to see if time slowed down... bit.ly/36EESYo

I like what Mastodon stands for but I don't quite know if I can interact with social media in a healthy way. I find myself scrolling endlessly, something that I used to do on Twitter and Instagram, both of which I have deleted off my phone. Going to try an experiment where I don't look at the federated timelines and just stick to the local timeline and tags that I follow.

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I forgot to take my meds, so here's your reminder to take your meds lol

Going to try using arch for the first time. It's always fun to try new things.

first world first job problems 

I've been thinking about Alienation recently and I envy those who work on things they actually find meaningful. Even though I do something that I like (programming), what I work on isn't exactly inspiring all the time.

It's nice working on things on the side that I actually care about however, carving out time or trying to gather energy after spending a day of programming for work can be difficult. How do y'all do it??


Day 7
I did not write yesterday because I was on a friend date and pretty much passed out immediately. Today I wrote 2,063 words. I'm relieved that I was able to get back on the horse.

Does anyone know of any multi-platform alternatives to Google Sheets? I use Cryptpad for some things but not having a mobile app is a little hard for me.

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Delicious Library was such a cool app. It introduced data entry via scanning UPC codes in like 2004 and that was awesome. I exported my library at the time (2012) and it’s still online at dellibrary.baty.net delicious-monster.com

As much as I love tech, I have a strong affinity for the analog. Sometimes paper and pen is the best tool for the job. Lately, writing with my Pelikan has been very calming and forces me to slow down.

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Websites should not open links using <button> Or Javascript

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