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It’s occurring to me now that I never did a proper

Hi, I’m Dan. I like to play games and play music. I started in the IT industry about 3 years ago, at which point I had never even opened up a computer before. In the wake of a recent economic awakening, I realized that I really don’t like most/all big tech companies, and so started my newfound love and appreciation for all things foss. At the recommendation of a friend, I dual booted manjaro gnome and never looked back

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just made the order, so i'm officially upgrading from a 1660ti to a 6900xt. proper upgrade both in terms of hardware capability and company ethics

What if all the sith boys talking about “you don’t know the power of the dark side” were actually crying out for help like “please save me, this shit is too powerful for me”

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Do you have faith in your government?

TL;DR - cell phones suck, please help 

this isn't a venting post. if anyone has any recommendations, god please reach out

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TL;DR - cell phones suck, please help 

is the mobile phone market in the us a horrifying capitalist hellscape?

between having to choose between giving my info to apple or google, having a harrowing customer experience with any of the extortionate service providers, and having no actual environmentally conscious option, it seems like the obvious choice to throw my phone into the river and run into the woods screaming. the option i'm actually interested in (pinephone) seems technically prohibitive

can a person daily drive a pine phone pro?

When you’re half asleep on your day off and you decide to get lippy on the internet, but you realize you can’t spell and have to republish

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I’ve never used the brave web browser, but it seems like it’s just as shady as any mozilla corporation shilling, except this time it’s backed by crypto gigachads

i had forgotten about elite dangerous, shame on me

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i've lost track of how many clans/guilds/groups i've joined and then immediately fallen off the face of the earth

not because i dislike the group, but because i don't want to be the annoying new guy

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antisocial guy who desperately wants to be social

why would you willingly play games that you hate

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2: Link on the Brink

live from new york, it's guy who replies!

Bobby Flay is an impressive TV personality because he goes and challenges other people at the thing that they claim to do well

It’s just a flex from every angle

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