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It’s occurring to me now that I never did a proper

Hi, I’m Dan. I like to play games and play music. I started in the IT industry about 3 years ago, at which point I had never even opened up a computer before. In the wake of a recent economic awakening, I realized that I really don’t like most/all big tech companies, and so started my newfound love and appreciation for all things foss. At the recommendation of a friend, I dual booted manjaro gnome and never looked back

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you ever ram your fingertip into a flat surface with such force that the nail just burst in half up to the nail bed?

i think i might have a vitamin deficiency

downloaded day of dragons and got it launched, but the game is stuttering like nothing else on the native version. setting all graphic settings to their lowest setting doesn't help. thinking maybe the proton version will work better, but i will also try a different server since ping could also be an issue

A person with a 1660ti probably shouldn’t write game reviews huh

Day of dragons looks pretty cool, on sale for 15USD

Got to stipulate to my prospective boss in the form of an email that I need basically 12 days of vacation time I planned for prior to pursuing the job to be honored by him in order to move forward with the hiring process. No reply yet, and my blood pressure is going up

I’ve wasted hours in starmade just making ships that are absolutely horrendous looking

why is civ 6 such a fuck

seriously, proton runs like a dream and native won't even launch

Just caught wind from one of my professional references that I’m apparently a finalist candidate for this second shift role doing onsite general trouble ticket stuff. Still front facing, but at least the entire facility is climate controlled


For a people who claim to be all about freedom, these guys sure don’t give a shit about freedom

In keeping with that, I just went through my profile and manually undid all the caps in my bio that happened as a result of autocorrect

I think I have a problem

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I swear I’d never use capital letters at all if it wasn’t for professional emails and my phone’s autocorrect function

politics, religion, family 

my mom, a conservative corporation-defending woman from the oklahoma, raised me (for some reason) to think critically and draw my own conclusions. she raised me to look beyond what's accepted as tradition. i wonder if she thought that the same ideals she instilled in me would lead me to despise the existing capitalist system and avoid religious establishments like the plague. i wonder if she knew there was no other possible outcome

finally broke down and picked up a proper wifi adapter for my home setup (we live in a rental so running cable is not an option and powerline wasn't cutting it). ended up getting a brostrend 1200 Mbps adapter since it was advertised as supporting linux. it's no slouch and does exactly what it says it does. well done!

I applied for a job as a writer for a tech news thing and now I’m thinking I want to write about stuff. Thinking like, “I switched to linux at the win11 launch, and it’s surprisingly good for me.” Would anyone be interested in something like that?

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Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

We gon learn the whole damn Greek alphabet huh

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