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We've made some ethical changes to our blog. We want to protect your privacy. Find out about the changes we've made below


Got a new trial account that single-handedly doubled our incoming bandwidth and requests per second...

More than 3 million page views from one site in about 14 hours! The servers are chugging along just fine 👀

Today we beat our monthly average page views. 

IN A WEEK! and that's all thanks to you❤️

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At The Self-Hosting Blog, we are huge advocates for online privacy. We believe that you should never have to compromise your own privacy, just to use the internet.

Today, in an age where giving up your personal details to randomers on the web is way too common, we want to make a change and give you back your rights.

This is why we've decided that we can make better choices with this blog.



"Many videogames use “click and hold” gesture instead of just “click” for dangerous/destructive operations. I wonder why it never made it to desktop UIs? Would be a great alternative to annoying “Are you sure” dialogs."


February was a month of broken records for Plausible! 🤩

Most website traffic (73,288 unique visitors)

Most new trials (1,043. first time we go 1000+)

Most new subscribers (387. we now have 2,186 paying subscribers)

Best net MRR growth (Our "giving back 5%" to the sustainability of the planet and open source is at $954 for February and $1,796 in total for the first two months of the year)

You can check the stats 👉 plausible.io/plausible.io

Thank you all for your help and support!

We decided to try and help others on their journey into self-hosting. We believe that when using services online you should never have to compromise on privacy or control.

We also believe that self-hosted applications and utilities should be available to everyone. We have made it our mission to make our posts as accessible as possible, even to those just getting started with self-hosting and creating a homelab.

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Today we're starting to send reminders to those who have outgrown their subscription plan to upgrade to a more appropriate tier.

Emails will be sent throughout the month according to the billing cycle. Haven't focused on this until now so let's see how it affects our MRR.

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