I quit boozing ~ 8.5 years ago. Growing up, books were my friends because they were like portable escapes. Alcohol, though, had a different allure: to unlock my fearlessness.

It was monumentally difficult, at first, to admit when I was done being used by the illusions and lies. Like many deceitful things, booze aggressively uses any space it can to fuel more corruption.

Trump is all booze.

To be sober is to do more than "want" to expel corruption; the expulsion has to be an action defined.

2020 will be too late for the majority of Americans' unfortunate lack of hindsight, we have to get rid of the people protecting the corrupt Executive branch.

Those trying to delay will surely get clobbered first, as we can be 99.999999999999999999999--> percent certain that the Executive will be the first to topple under the weight of its own rot.

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Governments, technology and ecology actually have far more in common than most people realize.

It's probably no coincidence that the first thing the corrupt Republicans did to poison their tree was to start attacking the integrity of other branches defined by the US Constitution. It seems their delusions convinced them that by weakening the trunk, and its balancing mechanisms, "their" branch would somehow get stronger.

That's not how it works in ecology. The opposite is true: a branch weakened and rotten with insects can and will ruin the tree if it's not cut off. Lincoln was right in his assertion there.

But Donald Trump (historically Drumpf)'s guys are nastier than insects.

The same idea perpetuates in technology: a node that perpetuates malicious code can infect and take down the system's supports. In technology, most of the supports ARE the system, so the bad guys are wrong there, too.

The last bastion is still up

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