The old-school technologists knew the dangers of a time-share "system". This is one of the reasons the first thing that the remarkable hackers of their day figured out was how to stop that nonsense.

One of my philosophies as a relentlessly self-taught lady has been to always regard skeptically the younger generation of "hackers"; they can't or won't see the big picture. They are vulnerable to things they cannot even begin to comprehend.

It's evidenced, of course; but the question is:

What do those with delusional notions of power influence? The "billionaire" GoDaddy CEO Outright murdered (at least 1) elephant(s) and other wildlife for "trophy"; those are bad men.

Money cannot buy time, nor can it influence or control systems of accounting that began ages ago.

For those who seek to avoid accountability, the eventuality of "for each and every action there is an ... opposite reaction" must further expose motives of the corrupt men in their own fates of doom.

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