@kev I upgraded to version 2.7.0 last night, and it does have some nifty improvements. However, I heard from one user that they still cannot remote follow me and it's baffling. I thought this was an automatic feature of mastodon: to be able to follow other users on different instances seamlessly?

@ecosteader it tells me "503 remote SSL certificate could not be verified" when I try to look up your account, maybe you misconfigured something?

Hmm... it might be becuase this users is from a .pl domain? I couldn't find anything in my logs, but I might not have looked in the right place.

@Matter... Thank you! I didn't build on nginx, and worked around the default setup recommended in the guide by going all in on Apache. There's not a lot of documentation on SSL.. it's possibly something like that could be it.

@kev, thank you for testing! I was hopeful I'd find at least one friendly soul here to help debug.

@ecosteader @Matter ah, my mistake, I followed your local account on Fosstodon. DOH!

Yep, remote follow fails for me too.

@kev @Matter Okay, thanks. My gut is telling me it's probably something with the SSLStapling thing in Apache. I'll try messing with the things.

@kev @Matter This is turning out to be awesome fun

[ssl:emerg] [pid xxxx] AH01958: SSLStapling: no stapling cache available

So it turns out you have to specify a location for that staple to work. But, it has to be outside of

<VirtualHost *:443>

I don't know if this works now, but at least the server isn't dead anymore ...

@ecosteader it is, unless you have your account set to approve follow requests. I was able to successfully follow you, so looks like it’s an issue with that particular user, not you.

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