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@kev I upgraded to version 2.7.0 last night, and it does have some nifty improvements. However, I heard from one user that they still cannot remote follow me and it's baffling. I thought this was an automatic feature of mastodon: to be able to follow other users on different instances seamlessly?

NPM module `flatmap-stream` has a huge security vulnerability, it seems. Do you (or others) happen to know if this a requirement of Mastodon? It installed with my default yarn install for mastodon: @mike ... thanks!

Like Mastodon, the original ecosteader site was designed with some older RoR features (ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.17) that I'll be trying to emulate with this new infrastructure. I do wish Mastodon used `.erb` instead of `haml` ...


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