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ugh, I always forget how low the IO is on SD cards, and this RPI 1 Model B can't USB boot.

Why do I use it again? Oh yeah, composite out.

My "other" desk in the garage.

Soldering station, RaspberryPis, Sony Trinitron (for gaming), various tools, and tech kitsch.

OEM Dell keyboard and mouse work well for leaving out here since the dirt/grime doesn't really affect them as much as a trackball or mech keeb.

Time to bring up this RPI FreeBSD desktop. :raspberrypi: :freebsd:

Got the monitor, keeb, mouse, and plugin in the HDMI cable.... ugh, it's DVI/VGA/DisplayPort in the back. I know I have an adapter around here somewhere...

25 minutes later, there we go.

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Oh wow, the Limited Run TIE Fighter USB drive comes with a PDF of The Stele Chronicles.

I had a hard copy of this once but lost it long ago.

Ohhh, exciting. Rebooted by itself and 🤞 it comes back up. My local DNS proxy depends on it.

Hmmm, how do I upgrade OpenBSD again...

man sysupgrade

Is it really that simple? Let's find out.

So far so good.

Fridays were made for having a beer, listening to Vaporwave, and browsing

Found the procedure doc on what to do if/when the server room over heats too.

I kind of miss those days.

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As a sysadmin at a public university in 2006 the server room was a closet with an AC unit on the roof.

Occasionally the AC unit would freeze up, overheating the ~20 servers.

Monitoring solution was a network attached temp sensor, with a perl script monitoring it and sending alerts to an AIM (yes) account connected to an SMS gateway that would then page my flip phone.

And I have the code still,

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Another advantage of #gempub over .epub, it's just plain text, even without a reader app you can comfortably read

Reading about MightyApp (remote Chrome in a VM in the cloud) and at first I was skeptical, but then realized I do the same exact thing using bombadillo and amfora on a pubnix over SSH.

Except it's free, not Chrome, and isn't Peak Web.

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I wrote a post about why people use #gemini: gemini://
Also available through the web here:

Also, thanks to the following people for giving me awesome responses to my rather vague question: @furtivo @solene
CommunistWolf on the Gemini IRC channel

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kelbot's law: the lower the specs of a computer the more enjoyable it is to use.

There is something similar with AstroBotany,


but is more a game and taking care of a personal plant instead of fighting the inevitable decay of a collapsing society.

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Thinking of what to do with the gemini server now. I named it The Sours after the blighted land panels in Schismatrix.

Maybe some sort of interactive garden with a progressive blight algorithm?

Create an ag panel in ASCII and then have a script daily add noise/blight.

Visiting Geminauts then can prune it to fight the blight via an interactive CGI script.

Cap the amount of daily pruning, which is always below the blight so even with constant pruning over time it will fully decay?

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