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finally something else on my blog had more traffic than the Perl in a Container post I wrote like 6 years ago.

I always find it funny how technology can break.

Locked out myself out FreeBSD pi, sorta. Added a virtual IP for a jail, which uses the same MAC. Port forward in Eero required a MAC reservation, so did that for the jail IP and not the host IP. Now DHCP doesn't work for the host but the jail has ssh.

I removed the freebsd user, anddisabled password for root and my non-root user... so console access may be a bust too.

At least the jail and my gemini:// server is functional, so there's that.

After spending some time with FreeBSD on an RPI, now have a fully functional Gemini capsule running within a jail.


setup a user, pkg, doas, disabled root passwd/ssh, and using ssh keys for login. Planning to start testing out jails now.

Here's that fancy terminal info all the kids like to do these days.

Freebsd 13 :freebsd: on raspberrypi :raspberrypi: 3.

Just flashed the image and was checking it out via serial console in the Pocket CHIP. Something strange is going on though where random characters are sent via serial (need to check the wires), but ssh in works fine.

Thinking of starting a "let's get drunk and install an operating system" series on youtube/twitch/whatever.

Would pair each OS with a beverage, so Debian Hamm with a 1997 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, OpenBSD 3.6 with a Stone Arrogant Bastard, and Windows XP with a 12 pack of Natty Light.

Really enjoying Red Consensus on gopher://.

I think I'm the only one regularly posting, but it's fun and really adds something while making my way through Schismatrix.

TIL on MacOS can edit gifs. This. Changes. Everything.

you know it's time for some serious typing when the tg4x comes out.

Maybe now University of Minnesota has some free time on their hands, they can kickstart re-developing

Oh wow, Cyberpunk in the Nineties by Bruce Sterling, don't think I've read this before,

I have no idea how I got here, but 1998 date on the page and an amazing navigation gif at the bottom.

Dinner last night paired well with Chianti, so didn't solder anything, as I found out the hard way the two don't mix.

It's not like compiling a Linux kernel, where adding beer improves the final result.

May finally work up the courage to solder together the FaunchPad that's been in the garage for a few weeks.

SMT is fine, but the super fine pads for the atmel atmega32u4 IC intimidate me.

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There is totally a small community of PocketCHIP enthusiasts on gemini and that is beautiful.

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