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Thinking about lowest total cost/utility ratio computing. Like what is the absolute cheapest overall you could accomplish the things you use computers for? Not just the cost of the computer and related peripherals themselves but also the energy usage over their useful lifetime as well.

Until promises are met on INSTAnt GRAhaM cracker delivery, these services will but always down to me.

This is not the future we were promised.

Spent most of the time fighting to find correct video format for mplayer, but now playing Vaporwave vids in the C.H.I.P. framebuffer, and it's as absurd as I could ever hope.

Blog write up about it here:

And tonight is the night I discover VaporWave.

I kind of want to hook this Pocket C.H.I.P. up to a some headphones, youtube-dl some of these 90s mall videos and have it run on loop all night.

docker-compose openvpn + nginx + transmission stack is suddenly falling over after almost 5 years in-service.

Thinking it's related to a docker engine update, may be the impetus to move it to something else, but k8s is way to complex for a single machine and docker-compose is just so convenient to bring up a local stack quickly.

Slapped an OpenBSD 4.9 sticker on my new dnscrypt-proxy RaspberryPi :openbsd:

It's from the 4.9 release which was a Hitchhikers Guide theme,

Old OpenBSD physical media I still have, mostly for the stickers. :openbsd:

All installs I ever did were network, and never actually used the physical media, but it was a good way to support to project.

Pufftron was probably my favorite theme, but I'm digging the Hackers theme of 6.8 too.

Ahhhh, so has the filesystem mfs that is used for mounting a partition into memory.


"mount_mfs is used to build a file system in virtual memory and then mount it on a specified node."

In a way I'm sort of glad I just broke ssh on my openbsd raspberrypi. Since it gives me an excuse to hook up the Pocket C.H.I.P. to it's serial.

Moved from PiHole to dnscrypt-proxy running on :openbsd:

Can build the same blocklist as PiHole, but now has dns-over-https to Cloudflare so my ISP can't snoop DNS traffic anymore. It also serves DoH so Firefox can use it locally now too.

Tested anonymized DNSCRYPT, but the lookups were 200ms+ where Cloudflare was ~10ms.

Work leaking onto fosstodon, but this is the meme that helps me get through the day.

Up to 5 comments now. One of which is "What is gemini?" and 3 are replies with links to Project Gemini.

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Glances at Chip - ohhhh, a post is hitting the top 10 on HN....

32 upvotes, 0 comments

Seems on-par for the orange site.

Started packaging Amfora and LaGrange browsers for yesterday.

Amfora relies on a few godeps that aren't in the archive yet, and LaGrange has a dep on a library also not packaged.

Going to start with LaGrange since it seems like the lower hanging fruit, and will give Amfora a crack a bit later as I get more familiar with the Debian go package specs.

Now that Bombadillo is packaged for Debian, going to try LaGrange or amfora next.

Amfora looks a bit easier since it's Go, has a somewhat standard Makefile, and should work out-of-the-box with dh-make-golang to get started.

LaGrange is C and uses cmake, which I haven't packaged with yet, but seems straightforward from the packaging docs.

Spent some quality time packaging up Bombadillo, a and terminal client written in Go, for Debian tonight. :debian:

It's a new to the Debian archive, so hopefully I packaged it well enough to find a sponsor and get it uploaded.

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