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I forgot how much setup is required getting GPG subkeys on a Yubikey to work on a remote machine over ssh.

This helped a lot,

Now mutt on my server is automatically signing emails and it's glorious.

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Amfora for got an update today with a neat new feature.

"You can now open files from Gemini directly in your default application."

Release v1.8.0 · makeworld-the-better-one/amfora

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Announcing: Geminut, my alpha Gemini -> HTML and Markdown Converter

Excuse the spaghetti code. This is my first regex work and I could still tighten. Expect some changes.


Anticapitalist software license

TIL that I'm the maintainer of xpenguins package on Debian (I started adopting it a few years ago but never finished the process).

I was contacted by someone who is working on updating it and would like to package the new version.

Any Debian maintainers or developers willing to mentor/help me with it?

Reading this thread on HN on OpenBSD, and fondly remembering when I used to run it on my x61s years ago.

This was my daily driver for work for about 2 years. Wifi, Bluetooth, WWAN, and sleep all worked without issue.

Noticed that the timestamp is off though, it was posted around 11PM PST on 2/15, but Newblur marked it from 2/14.

Looking at the gemfeed timestamp it has the post date of 2021-02-15T00:00:00+00:00, so I'm guessing some sort of timezone difference is making it show up the day before.

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Confirmed that my hack to follow feeds is working.

Going to start adding other gemfeeds now too to keep up with Gemlogs I follow.

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We should have more than 200 Gemini capsules indexed on gemini:// before monday!

And we'll have some new features to announce soon too!

I really love the Geminispace and its community.


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It's a hack, but gemfeeds work in a web reader by proxying through

Added a Star Wars: Dark Forces section to my capsule.

Includes retrospective essays only available on gemini from the recently released Limited Run Collectors edition.


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Debian :debian: 3.0 "Woody" with Fluxbox, GKrellM, xterm, Gaim, and Mozilla browser (this is was a few months before Firefox was released) circa 2002.

Finally committed a dockerfile I had to run gmnisrv. I use it mainly for reviewing .gmi pages locally before publishing them to RTC,

Planning to spend a crazy weekend as an insurance investigator.

@dsyates hmmm, so even though it said it was a reply, it seemed to make a new toot.

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@dsyates just setup comments on this post if you want to give it a try.

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