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gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

will haunt me in my dreams

Running list of what I'd use a FaunchPad for,

- Screenshot macro
- Lock desktop macro
- Mute/Unmute
- Login password (stored in keyboard firmware is secure right?)
- `pkill gpg-agent` combo

3 more macros to go until I can justify the 15$ purchase.

@bbbhltz the mutt, pass, and irssi wikis are my current favorites

@mattrose I've tried a whole host of linux distros over the years (in the time before Arch) and always end up back at Debian.

Probably 50% because I'm familiar enough with the distro to PXE boot for fully automated preseed install and 50% because it just does what I want without much fuss, especially for containerizing apps at work.

I don't use Arch (haven't even installed it before), but I absolutely love the Arch wiki docs.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot yesterday I was playing around with amfora on the CHIP and saw the same symbols in your screenshot on the sides of the screen.

Any idea what is causing that? I'm assuming it's something with the 65 columns, but I would expect it to overflow and not fill in the space with symbols.

@mattrose I love n-gate, HN takes itself way to seriously sometimes and needs to light up a bit.

The author is a uncanny knack for putting into words exactly what I'm thinking on some articles. On articles that don't make it I'll even make up my own "summary" in my head while reading through comments.

I don't do this on, since commenters there seem more grounded.

fuuuu the underglow LEDs on my tg4x are stuck in non-cyberpunk colors. Suppose to switch to all purple when the num layer is activate, and now are red/green instead.

Must be a bad solder somewhere causing a short. Board works fine and no QMK changes, reset doesn't fix it either.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot

Somehow in the process though the LEDs on my TG4X screwed up, so that's another thing to troubleshoot too. Thinking maybe a bad solder point.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot

I'm in the process of getting it setup, was using the local keyboard for a bit, but after fixing up apt and wifi I'm ssh'd into it.

Going to mess with a mirrored tmux session so I don't have to always use the local keyboard.

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Really like the Pocket C.H.I.P. so far, planning to use it as a mini-terminal on my desk.

Next steps,

* updating Debian
* setting up mutt
* setting up amfora

@kelbot what is that terminal dashboard you use?


>no mere manager is qualified to have an opinion on the deeply technical work of shoving shit into a Celery queue until you can cram it into Redis.

Right on the mark.

New toy arrived today, just in time for me to finish setting up my Mutt + GPG + Offlineimap setup.

GNOME 2 on Debian with Iceweasel, gEdit, and GNOME Terminal from 2008. :debian: :gnome:

This was my dual-monitor desktop setup when I was a sysadmin at UCSD, and would remote desktop into Windows to support Exchange and Novell servers.

Slashdot link in the browser is:

@werwolf what is the browser you're using to display

Waiting for my Pocket C.H.I.P. to arrive, and in the meantime looking already towards my next project.

I have a GergoPlex by gHeavy that was a lot of fun to build. Lately I've been wanting a macro-pad for common shortcuts like lock-screen, screenshot, etc and may just impulse buy a Fauchpad since I have spare choc switches and keycaps,

Terminal dashboard now with gemini visitor stats 

@kelbot awesome music choice. Saw Ozma years ago at a Warped tour and it was a great show.

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